1.8 White Body File For PUBG

Hello players! Mohammed Asim is here. As we all know PUBG Mobile has been updated and now the current version of PUBG is 1.8.

Today I give you 1.8 White Body File for PUBG† If you are my subscriber on YouTube then you know that my website masimtech.com is the best source of game hacks.

Recently I published an article about hacking a free brand account. And now I get a lot of comments about the 1.8 PUBG update. My subscribers want a new white body configuration for PUBG.

As new PUBG game updates come in, PUBG is being made much more secure. Now in the new 1.8.0 update PUBG introduces a new security system called Device ban Feature.

According to PUBG protection, if you break a rule and use cheat on your account, your device will be banned. This means that once your account is banned you will never be able to install PUBG game on your mobile again.

If you are a PUBG Lite player, you must try the No Recoil file for PUBG Lite. Your account will not be banned from using all the files I put on my website.

This 1.8 white body configuration that I am going to give you today, you can use this file all on PUBG Global, KR and BGMI. This file works on all versions.

If you are afraid that using this file will ban your account then I have PUBG 1.8 Only No Recoil File for you folks in which you will get no kickback by yourself.

Apply Process

  • Extract downloaded file
  • Copy the “Files” folder.
  • Go to Internal storage.
  • Open the “Android” folder.
  • Open the folder “data”
  • Open the com.tencent.ig folder.
  • Paste your copied file.

More explanation

The application process for this 1.8 White Body File for PUBG is a little different. Only this file will work 100% on your device, so make sure to follow the steps above.

When you download the file, use the ZArchiver app to extract this file. You do not need a password to extract this file. Just click the Extract button and your file will be extracted.

Now open the extracted folder. Inside this folder, you will see another folder called Files. You must copy this folder.

Download file

Now go to your internal device memory and open the Android folder. Click on the data folder and open it. Now if you are a PUBG player, search for com.tencent.ig.

But the process is different for BGMI and KR players. Choose an option based on your game. Now let’s move on!. When you open the com.tencent.ig folder, there is already a folder called Files in this folder.

There are two things you can do here. The first thing you can do is delete this “files” folder. And the second thing you can do is paste the folder you copied and replace it with the existing “Files” folder.

Your file has been applied. Now open your game and enjoy 1.8 White Body File for PUBG† I know this method is different because when PUBG released a new update, all PUBG files are moved from one folder to another.

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Configuration functions

  • No kickback
  • white body
  • against banishment
  • no grass
  • Ultra Magic Bullet

All these features will help you to win all matches. This file is especially useful for rank pushers. So apply the configuration and enjoy your gameplay.

I hope this article is helpful to you, if you have any questions about this configuration, please contact me via Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for upcoming updates.
Updated: March 12, 2022 — 10:58 pm

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