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Conqueror is the most renowned level in the new Pubg state, so every player dreams of reaching there as soon as possible. But you know it’s not easy to maintain a top position. It requires time, talent, effort and some sacrifices. Likewise, to push conqueror in Pubg new, you have to consider many things. Is it… Read more How to quickly get the conqueror in the new state of Pubg?

AR (Assault rifles) are the most useful weapons in pubg new condition. These weapons are suitable for both short and long combat. Their damage capacity is also high. Players can select different types of Assault rifles for training and battleroyale matches. And each weapon performs differently than others. For example, some assault rifles have a high recoil,… Read more Best AR Weapons in Pubg New Condition – Top 5

Each player comes to the battlefield to win over his opponents. However, most of them stopped halfway through the game due to a deficit. The main reason for the lag issue in Pubg: the new status is either a wrong graphical adjustment or a device error. It is a high graphics game that supports better on advanced devices. But if… read more What is the best graphics setting to avoid lag in Pubg: new-state?

About Nightmare crate Pubg new-state has brought a nightmare crate for the first time. Players can get a legendary Mad Scarecrow AKM pistol and a Mad Scarecrow set as a back reward by opening the chest. The Nightmare Crate contains many other prizes such as: (i) Mad scarecrow helmet (ii) Pumpkin monster backpack (iii) Midnight runner-Volta (iv) Spooky Wagon-Volta (v) … Read more Nightmare Crate in Pubg’s New State: Unlock Crazy Scarecrow AKM & Outfit?

The sensitivity setting is the main factor that determines whether you will get chicken dinner in Pubg: new condition or not. This setting is all about controlling the gameplay, so the player has to balance it. Either you can play the Pubg new with gyro sensitivity or without gyro setting. But one thing… read more Best Sensitivity for Pubg: New Condition- Gyroscope & Non-Gyroscope Setting

When you start the game, do you invite someone to play or do you get invites? You are already pro in Pubg: new state if other players show interest in playing with you. The other sign that you are a pro is that the player is helping the squad in the match, the player has a high KD ratio,… Read more How do you become a pro in Pubg: New State?

BP is a kind of currency in pubg: new condition. Players can obtain a number of items such as skins and clothes for free from the bp shop by using BP. The list of rewards you can unlock in the pubg new bp shop: (i) Opulent king-pan (ii) Champagne gold-volta (iii) Deep silver-lighting (iv) Ventilated operator pants (v) Cargo pants (vi) Paradise cap(vii)… Read more How to make a lot of BP in pubg: new condition fast?

Players can upgrade their survival pass to get many benefits in pubg new state. The Survivor Pass has three package offers, which are: Free Pass The Free Pass is a standard offer that contains few specific rewards for the player. Players can only unlock prizes such as avatar, clothes, chicken medal and an emote… Read More How to upgrade the survival pass in pubg: new condition?

The Chicken Medal is a type of in-game currency. In the Pubg: Mint condition are different types of crates and to open them it takes chicken medals. Each of the ‘crates’ has its own price and the rewards inside are unique. So you know it’s an expensive way to open chests with NC. But… Read more How to make more chicken medals in Pubg: new-state game?

The results of each action depend on control, right? Similarly, with the best 4-finger setting, the player can perfectly control the Pubg: new-state gameplay. Most players may think that it is easy to play the game with two or three fingers. And it’s true, in the early stages it’s hard to control four claws because… Read more What is the best 4-finger setting for Pubg: new-state players?

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