4 best throwables to carry when playing PUBG Mobile

We’ve got the full list of the 4 best throwables recommended for you to take with you when you play PUBG Mobile with multiple strong enemies. Don’t forget to check them out!

Don’t forget the 4 best throwables in PUBG Mobile!

After choosing a suitable zone in PUBG Mobile game for skydiving and landing, you need to quickly search for good weapons and supplies. By collecting these available resources, you can improve your own survivability or profit ability. Equipping yourself doesn’t stop there, though. Aside from the weapons, ammo loads and full health you possess, you can greatly increase that chance if you have some small bombs with you. They should be necessary disposable items that should be kept in your backpack.

Those who equip themselves with the strongest weapons when participating in a map from PUBG Download can still be killed by an ambush. That is why you are advised to move the objects below. Put them in bags and you can create a bigger plan that will help you become the last man alive.

  1. grenades

Grenades will be one of the most powerful throwing tools. You don’t skip them when facing a group of aggressive enemies. If you’ve ever worked with common scripts, you’ll find that they’re really good at eliminating more than one target. So the amount of time to arrange the next attack and attack will be increased much more.

while you are play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Android only, grenades become effective after you know the spot where some guys are hiding but are unable to execute an accurate shot. If you manage to severely damage the prey, you can take the following steps to remove them.

  1. smoke grenades
smoke grenades

Smoke Grenades in PUBG iOS are considered important pieces in an effort to protect your character from an attack. If you are a squad member, you can hide from the enemy’s view by throwing a smoke grenade. It’s useful to hide or find a teammate! Actually, you can escape the sight of someone who is hostile and find in an instant where to hide even when you are alone.

  1. Zombie grenade
Zombie grenade

Zombie grenades are the most formidable throwables in PUBG mobile download for pc while they are the latest addition. The EvoGround showed them in two Zombie modes and they can hand out many corpses at once. How about testing them after reading the post?

But they have one drawback and that is the impact. When you throw a smoke grenade in PUBG mobile PC Tencent, you can deal damage to your companion if it is nearby. It will decrease his health if he reacts to that explosion. It’s crucial that those grenades are aimed at zombies and thrown correctly.

  1. Shock Grenade
Shock Grenade

Stun grenades are not much appreciated in PUBG download† But they’re one of those gears you shouldn’t ignore when you’re fighting in a crowded region, especially a city. Stun grenades are excellent for dazzling the other opponents before kicking them off the battlefield.

They have another advantage that revolves around influencing zombies. They slow them down and give you more time to recover your HP or defeat them.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 1:43 am

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