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5 Best Offline Mobile Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite: PUBG Mobile Lite is a well-known Battle Royale Shooting game that is a lighter, more conservative version of PUBG Mobile. It requires little framework and is feasible with both high-end and low-end devices.

Interestingly, there are tons of disconnected BR games that you can play on your Android gadget.

If you need more space on your gadget and are looking for titles like PUBG Mobile Lite, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Offline Alternatives to PUBG Mobile Lite

1. Heroes Strike Offline – MOBA and Battle Royale

This game has both MOBA and battle royale components, which will no doubt keep you busy. Legends Strike highlights countless silly characters with unique abilities that you can play with to win battles.

In addition, like PUBG Mobile Lite, this title gets default substance refreshes that give you access to skins, fields, modes, and so on. Matches go on for an extremely short period of time as each game only has 12 players.

The download size of Heroes Strike is almost 100 MB.

Download Heroes Strike Offline

2. Swag Shooter – Online and Offline Battle Royale Game

This is a battle royale game very similar to PUBG Mobile Lite in that it is achievable with both high and low end phones. Loot Shooter also has a good 4 star rating in the Google Play Store. Needless to say, your ultimate goal will be to get to the end to dominate the game.

You can use the two weapons and expansions to increase your chances of killing opponents.

The download size of the swag Shooter is about 170 MB.

Download Swag Shooter

3. DEAD TRIGGER: Offline Zombie Shooter

DEAD TRIGGER is extraordinary compared to other zombie end endurance games of the world that you can play. With over 10 million downloads, it has an incredible 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store.

This game is not a battle royale title, but you have to collect indispensable basics to protect yourself like you did in PUBG Mobile Lite. Make sure to use groundbreaking weapons to execute the zombies.

The download size of the game dead trigger is 194 MB. You can download it from the given link.

Download Dead Trigger Offline Zombies Shooter

4. PVP Shooting Battle 2022 online and offline game.

The best thing about this game is that you can play it disconnected just like on the internet. After completing 20 disconnected missions, you can welcome your companions for a competition on the internet.

PVP Shooting Battle also ensures that you also get access to new missions with the week after week update. In case you have played PUBG Mobile Lite, it will take less effort to understand the continuous interaction of this title.

The download size of PVP Shooting Battle is 88 MB.

Download PVP Shooting Battle 2022

5. Free Survival: Gunfights

Free Survival: fire landmarks is a disconnected Android game that revolves around endurance and shooting. Like PUBG Mobile Lite, the weapons in this title are also practical.

Be sure to burn up in weapons and social event supplies in no time when you land. Regardless of whether you have a low-end phone, don’t stress as this title can easily run on low-end gadgets.

The download size of Free Survival is 120 MB.

Download Survival: Fire Battlegrounds for free

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Updated: March 30, 2022 — 8:57 am

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