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5 Best Pubg Mobile Player In India: Pubg is a game that set a trend in the Gaming Industry and Esports worldwide. Pubg launched 1st time for the personal computer on December 20, 2017 and later released for Xbox One, Playstation and Stadia. After the huge fame of the game, Pubg decided to launch products for mobile devices, Android and IOS platforms. The Pubg Mobile was launched after a year of Pubg Official Release. Pubg Mobile got a storm of players for its best quality graphics and features.

Pubg Mobile gave many popular faces and ended up at Gaming. In this article you will learn about the 5 Best Pubg Mobile Players in India and this best pubg player in india also the best in the world.

5 Best Pubg Mobile Player in India

5 Best Pubg Mobile Players of India are listed below. These players have many records in pubg mobile games.

1. Jonathan

Jonathan TSM entity

Jonathan is known for his divine Jiggle and powerful spray. He is a Pubg Mobile eSports player and plays for TSM Entity managed by Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhare). He has achieved many achievements in Pubg Mobile Tournaments. Jonathan has been awarded Headshot Expert, Best Fraggger, Most Kills in many Indian and World tournaments. Jonathan is ranked #1 in the list of 5 best Pubg mobile players in India.

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Mavi is just close to Jonathan and he is the best player in close range fights. Mavi also shakes well which is why it seems impossible to target Mavi in ​​a close fight. Mavi is the owner of Orange Rock (OR) and plays on the team as IGL. Mavi awarded Top Fragger for his best gameplay in PMVS Captain League and he ranks 2nd in the list of 5 best Pubg Mobile Player in India.

3. ScoutOP


ScoutOP is popularly known as Scout and he is the best sprayer in India while on his M416 pistol he has a 4X rifle scope. He plays for OR, Mavi’s team. Scout is also a major gaming celebrity on YouTube. Scout is also a soccer player and he played soccer on a national level before getting into eSports and Gaming. Scout also played PMWL 2022 where his team took 2nd position in the World League and Scout ranks 3rd in the list of 5 best Pubg mobile players in India.

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4. LinkingGod

ClutchGod is a young player of TSM Entity and is known for his best support. ClutchGod is also the IGL of Team Entity, that’s why we selected ClutchGod in the list of 5 best Pubg mobile players of India. He lives in Bootcamp of Entity and also practices for other games like Valorant and etc.

5. Owais

Owais ranks 5th in the list of Pubg’s 5 best players in India. He is the best Assaulter and also IGL of Team Fanatic. Owais was Scout’s teammate. Owais played many tournaments before banning Pubg Mobile in India and was awarded Best IGL, Top Fraggger, Kill Leader.

This is all about the 5 best Pubg Mobile Player in India and I hope this post helped you to find the 5. to find Best Pubg Mobile Player in India and if any information is needed to be changed, please let us know on our YouTube channel and our Social Media Handles Instagram and Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is India’s best PUBG mobile player?

India’s best Pubg Mobile player is Jonathan. Many professional players like scout and Mavi said that Jonathan is the best potential player when they face Jonathan.

Best Attacker in Pubg Mobile in India

Best Pubg Player in Tamil Nadu

Best attacker in Pubg Mobile in the world

Paraboy is Pubg Mobile’s Assaulter in the World and he was on PMGC 2022 top list.

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How many Pubg players in India?

Pubg Mobile has a huge user base of Pubg Players in India and there is approx. 50 million players play Pubg Mobile in India, the largest number of players in the world for any country.

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