8 Wonderful Glitches In PUBG Mobile That Not All Players Can Meet

There are 8 interesting glitches in PUBG mobile. Not all players can encounter these glitches, but if you want to try it, find out what they are and how to fix them.

PUBG Mobile game consists of various issues that you may experience at times. As you know, most of the mobile game versions of famous PC or console games contain more glitches than the original versions, and this happens with PUBG Mobile. Not all glitches will give players a bad gaming experience. In this mobile version you will find some very useful and funny.

Glitch Basis Basic Definition

Glitch is known as a common bug or glitch in the game. Not all glitches are easily found and not all players can experience them. You need to understand the difference between glitches and cheats or hacks. Glitch cannot be considered cheat, it is much more interesting than cheat. In PUBG mobile, there are 8 glitches you may encounter during the battle. Let’s see what they are!

scooter is going crazy

scooter is going crazyThis kind of disturbance takes place on a hill called Sosnovka, and it only happens when you drive your scooter over the hill. Trying to get down the hill with your scooter may give you the chance to experience some crazy moments. For some reason, your scooter is rolling and twisting which nothing else can stop.

Your head becomes invisible

Your head becomes invisibleFeel free to use the game glitches to your advantage! Just in case you’re tired of getting shot in the head all the time, try to make your head invisible to the players. You can do this completely easily! Just get on your scooter, grab your gun to shoot aimlessly and then press “Drive”. Your character’s head will then become invisible. Now you can drive your scooter around the map without worrying about a headshot.

walking on clouds

Sometimes you can’t start the battle because the game doesn’t let you skydive on the island. In the video below you can see that a player remains in the air for the entire match. In this case, there’s nothing you can do but just keep an eye on the players down there. If you come across this glitch, just use the parachute ASAP.


The Scariest Circle

The Scariest CircleThis kind of glitch usually happens to many players in PUBG mobile. You will experience it when you fight the Bot. The last circle will shrink until it is as small as a beam of blue light. It’s too small to keep a player in. In this case nobody wins! The glitch can be really funny, but it still makes some players angry because it has a direct effect on the end result.

The first display in PUBG Mobile

The first display in PUBG MobileUntil now, PUBG mobile does not yet contain the first view. However, some clever players managed to trick the game, allowing them to use the first view. To do this, simply press the aiming button and the gun button at the same time. PUBG mobile hasn’t fixed this glitch yet, so you can try this if you want to experience the first render.

Buy clothes without costing money

Buy clothes without costing moneyGlitch allows you to buy a lot of clothes without costing you money. You can choose all the outfits in your inventory, then select ‘Reset Appearance’ and then touch ‘Exit’. This is an easy way to put on your favorite outfits. But you have to remember that glitch doesn’t work like that in the game. You just need to get dressed and enjoy yourself.

Fly like a superman

Fly like a supermanThere are so many types of moves you can perform PUBG mobile thanks to the glitch, like walking on clouds, swimming underground, and now you can fly like a superman. A lag corner will appear on one of the in-game bridges. If you get into it, you can fly to the sky in the short amount of time before falling to the ground and then dying.

Move like a superman

Move like a supermanSometimes the other players can take advantage of glitches to beat you. A certain YouTuber experienced that case when he took on a strong player. He moved extremely fast, just like a superman, and no one thought he could beat that man. If this is some kind of glitch that helped the YouTuber go fast, it will be interesting to try. But if it’s a hack, then? PUBG mobile must have a solution for this as soon as possible.

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Updated: March 25, 2022 — 5:11 pm

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