Get Unlimited Flare Guns to set World Record easily!

As we all know that the global beta version of PUBG Mobile has already been released and there is an issue in this latest update that players get unlimited flares to set a new world record. This is a flare gun glitch in which we can make unlimited flare guns as we want. You know how hard it is to get a flare in a normal classic match so we can use this glitch for fun.

We get this in Power Armor mode, this mode can be found on the Livik map in a new beta version of PUBG Mobile. Previously, Flare Guns were not available in the Livik Map and the Flare Guns have been added in this new beta update. Normally, players only got two weapons in one drop, and in this update, players get three weapons in one drop.


Where can you find a flare gun?

We need to find circles on the map of Livik. You will probably be presented with a map with two circles, where you will get flare guns. Look at the image below to locate the flare gun.

How can I get firearms?

You have to go to those circles to find the supply drop and inside it you will find the flare gun, all you need to do is tap the flare guns and you will get a lot of flare ammunition.

Updated: April 10, 2022 — 10:32 am

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