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Pubg New State Player can backup all settings and game progress in Facebook and Gmail account. It will help them log in to their game ID on any other device in the future.

So, what’s the difference between Facebook and Gmail options? When you connect your FB account to New State, you also connect to your FB friends in the game. However, linking the game to Gmail will only save your progress.

But you should keep your backup on both platforms to provide more security. If you lose your FB account, you can resume the game from Gmail.

So in this article we will discuss how to link, unlink, delete and transfer a new state ID?

All about account settings in pubg new condition

1) How to link and unlink a Facebook account?

Here are the steps to link your Facebook account in pubg new state:

(Step 1): Go to setting.
(Step 2): Go to base. If you’ve connected your game to google or a guest account, you can also add your Facebook here.

(Step 3): Tap the Facebook option by linked platform.
(Step 4): Now add your ID. If you succeed, you will see a green check mark on the FB option.

Likewise, to unlink your Facebook account in pubg new state, here are the steps.

(Step 1): Go to setting and basics.
(Step 2): Tap the Facebook option. Here you will see the unpair option after 10 seconds. After 10 seconds you can unlink your FB-ID.

(Note: It takes 30 days to permanently unlink the Facebook ID in the game)

2) How to link and unlink Gmail account in pubg new state?

Here are the steps to link email in your game:

(Step 1): Go to see and go to basic.
(Step 2): Tap on the Google option.
(Step 3): Select the Gmail ID you want to link and the green mark means you passed.

Likewise, to unlink the Gmail account, here are the steps:

(Step 1):. Go to setting and go to basic.
(Step 2): Tap the Google option and unlink email after waiting 10 seconds.

(Like Facebook, you have to wait 30 days to permanently unlink email in pubg new)

3. How do I delete/delete an account in Pubg new state?

How to remove Pubg's new state ID?

Just go to the basic section and tap on the delete account option, wait 10 seconds and enter ‘NEW CONDITION’ on the box to delete your account.
(Note: After deletion, do not log in for 7 days)

4) How to transfer progress from one account to another?

After unlinking one account, connect another to transfer the progress of saving Pubg new state to a new account.

Finally, to log out or log out pubg new ID, go to setting, go to basic and tap on the logout option.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 6:09 am

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