All seasons elite pass rewards collection in Pubg mobile with pictures –

Remember the all-season elite pass rewards in Pubg mobile? The Pubg mobile brought a generous pass from the second season. The price was 600 UC for an ‘elite pass’ and 1800 UC for an ‘elite pass plus’. However, as of update 1.4, the game has set a new price for the elite pass which cost 300 UC and for plus 600 UC. So let’s talk about the rewards that the player gets in all the royale pass from season 1 to cycling season.

Elite pass rewards of all seasons in Pubg mobile with pictures.

1. Season 2

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass Rewards in Season 2
  • Pubg Mobile brought these rewards in Season 2 for an elite pass:

Generous Bunny Mask, Viper-M416, Yellow Stripes-Kar98K, Clone Mask, Wanderer Outfit, Sci-Fi-M16A4, Generous Bunny Suit, Generous Bunny Feet. Other rewards include an energy drink chute, freak mask, free fall chute, skull and flower finish, wild west hat (white), city defender boots, energy drink finish, rugged (beige-UMP45).

2. Season 3

Pubg mobile generous pass rewards in season 3
  • The Elite Pass rewards in Pubg Mobile Season 3 were:

Lumberjack UAZ, Western Outlaw Outfit, Tropical Icelandic Set, Danger Jacket, Gold Sand-S1897, Gold Sand M16A4, Western Outlaw Cap. And other rewards included Reaper’s set Bowknot finish, Tropical Iceland wreath, Mad dog parachute, Hazard mask, silver dream finish, Desert Camo mini14, Reaper’s mask and hat.

3. Season 4

Generous Pass Rewards in Season 4: PUBG Mobile
  • In Season 4, Pubg mobile introduced these items as elite pass rewards:

Bone Carving-QBZ, Madbear Set, Roaring Grizzly Bus, Roaring Grizzly AKM, Ice Princess Set, Blue Spider-QBU, Flower Power-UMP45, Wintertime UAZ, Rogue Mask, Rogue Set, Roaring Grizzly Hat, Roaring Grizzli Outfit, Roaring Grizzlipan, Roaring Grizzli-Parachute, Rainbow Shot-Kar98K, Wintertime Motorcycle, Wintertime Parachute, Wintertime-Pan.

4. Season 5

Elite Pass Rewards Season 5: Pubg Mobile
  • The Pubg Mobile Season 5 Royale Pass rewards were:

Roaring Dragon Set, Dragon Hunter Set, Sanguine Backpack, Lightspeed-Pan, Dragon Hunter-SLR, Deadly Cop, Street Art-UMP45, Street Art-Mini 14, Adventure Set. Other rewards for Season 5 of the Royale Pass included: Adventure Hat, Crystal Clear Finish, Street Art Buggy, Sky Ranger Scarf, Sky Ranger Set, Silverplate Mini14, Street Art-DP28, Dragon Hunter Dacia, Roaring Ranger mask, Old hopper set.

sixth season

Generous Pass Rewards Season 6 Pubg Mobile
  • These are the Elite Pass rewards of Pubg Mobile Season 6 (First Anniversary:

Brilliant Anniversary Set, Lucky Rabbit Set, L&Q chicken-M762, Brilliant Anniversary Backpack, Tycoon Set, Retro Anniversary Set. Additionally, other lavish pass rewards included White and Purple-SCAR-L, Brilliant Anniversary Helmet, Brilliant Anniversary Headgear, Soaring Eagle Helmet, Seagull Finish, Soaring Eagle Parachute, Elite Soldier Hat, Elite Soldier Set, Soaring Eagle Dacia, Soaring Eagle Pan, Desert Camo-AWM, Street Art-Kar98K, Soaring Eagle set and QBZ.

seventh season

Pubg Mobile Elite Pass Rewards Season 7

eight season

Generous Pass Rewards Season 8 in Pubg Mobile

ninth season

Season 9 RP Rewards in Pubg Mobile

tenth season

Season 10 Generous Pass Rewards

eleventh season

Season 11 Generous Pass Rewards Season Pubg Mobile

twelfth season

Generous Pass Rewards Season 12 Pubg Mobile

Thirteenth season

RP Rewards Season 13 Pubg Mobile

fourteenth season

Generous Pass Rewards Season 14

fifteenth season

RP Rewards Season 15

sixteenth season

RP Rewards Season 16

seventeenth season

elite pass rewards season 17 pubg mobile

Eighteenth season

Season 18 RP Rewards in Pubg Mobile

Nineteenth Season

elite pass rewards season 19 in pubg mobile

cycling season

Generous pass rewards cycle season 1 month 1
Elite pass rewards season 1 month 2 in Pubg mobile
elite pass rewards season 1 month 3
RP Rewards Season 2 Month 4

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