ALPHA 7 PUBG Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

Alpha7 Esports is a Brazilian esports organization. They have drawn different rosters from different regions. The most successful selection comes from the NA region. Considered by the casters to be the most aggressive team, they have dominated the Brazilian league for the past year. They have one of the best DMR specialists. ALPHA 7 PUBG Owner, Country, Grid, History, Achievements, Net Worth

Even after being a new team, they quickly adapted to the competition and achieved great results. They have won all the competitions in Brazil and their dominance is showing. Recently they took part in PMGC and took 9th place.

ALPHA 7 PUBG Team and Roster

Team Alpha7 chose a local team from Brazil. They signed ViTU2K, Swaguin and Senab on July 8, 2022. These players were already acclaimed for being the star player of a local tournament. They later signed Carrilho and Mafioso in January 2021, significantly increasing their gun power.

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Currently, Carrilho is the IGL for the team and he has some of the most daring rotations in Miramar. They change their IGL for different cards, but their aggression remains the same. All their players can link up and play any position in the team.

ALPHA 7 PUBG Active Roster

In game name Real name Role Accession Date
SenaTexa Alessandro Augusto Attacker 08-07-2022
Swaguin Caio Henrique Attacker 08-07-2022
carrilho Lucas Miguel Attacker 01-07-2021
mafioso Daniel Henrique Vaz Beginner 01-09-2021
revo Roan Henrique sub 10-03-2021

ALPHA 7 achievements

Tournament Date Position Price
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Final 23-01-2022 9th $64,500
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: League – West 24-12-2021 4th $66,250
PUBG Mobile Pro League – America Championship Season 2 14-11-2021 1st $40,000
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Season 2: Final 03-10-2021 1st $10,000
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Season 2: League 26-09-2021 1st $5,000
PUBG Mobile National Championship Brazil 2021 08-08-2021 1st $12,500
PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: West 25-07-2021 1st $5,000
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Season 1: Final 25-04-2021 1st $10,000
PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Season 1: League 18-04-2021 1st $5,000
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022: Grand Final 26-01-2021 9th $12,000

Alpha 7 net worth

Mainly in PUBG Mobile, Team Alpha7 earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total revenue so far is approximately $274,894. There are also several brand recommendations and the value is not disclosed by the organization

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Updated: March 15, 2022 — 1:02 am

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