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Antaryami Gaming is a professional gamer, Roaster and a popular YouTube content creator. Not only is he known for his funny and entertaining commentary, but his gameplay is also on a professional level. Here in this post you will get all the information about the most loved Gaming personality Antaryami gaming.

Antaryami is the best Pubg Mobile Player and in this post you will find his, Real Name, Age, Pubg Mobile ID, Girlfriend and many more.

Antaryami Gaming Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Date of Birth, Income, etc:

Antaryami Gaming Biography

Rishabh Verma is the real name of Antaryami Gaming. Antaryami is one of the most entertaining and also Roaster in India. Rishabh was born on January 26 in Uttar Pradesh. He was all a village boy. Rishabh has 3 YouTube channels named Antaryami Gaming, in which he streams live for 2-3 hours every day, and their channel gets about 2-3 thousand subscribers every day. The second channel is a frying channel Antaryami RB he roasts others and makes funny videos and the third Rishabh Verma where he helped the poor and spread love.

Antaryami Gaming Wiki

Real name Rishabh Verma
Nickname Antaryami
AGE 22 years (January 26, )
PUBG name NADExAntaryami
PUBG ID Number 583147218
Service 4-finger claw + full gyro
Device used for playing iPhone 11 pro max

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Antaryami Income:

  • Income: – 1 – 2 Lakh per month
  • Net Worth: – 10 – 15 Lakh (approximately)

Antaryami Pubg ID:

Antaryami Pubg ID is 583147218 and his in-game name is NADExAntaryami

Antaryami Gaming YouTube Channels:

He started his channel on March 5, 2018† He has a different channel name Antaryami RB† where he uploads funny roast videos. In his youtube about section he talked about that “swagat hai apka antaryami gaming namak channel pr Yaha gaming ko Chodh KR sb Hota hai† Antaryami Gaming, its main and first YouTube channel with more than 2.7 million subscribers.

Antaryami second channel is a burning and funny video upload channel where it has 756k+ subscribers.

Antaryami Third Channel in this channel he helps the poor with money and stuff, also he tries to spread a lot of love.

Antaryami Gaming social handles:

Antaryami has an Instagram account where he has 252K+ followers.

Antaryami also uses Facebook. The link is given below.

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