PUBG Mobile banned more than 2 million accounts

PUBG Mobile banned a total of 2,127,454 accounts due to an anti-cheating report from December 11, 2022 to December 17, 2022. These accounts have been permanently suspended.

The developers of the game have created a special feature in the game called Video Review Station and by using this feature, players have the power to decide whether the gamer is hacking or not. After getting maximum responses with Yes, the game official will rate the video and after the rating the officials will take the step whether the account should be banned or not.

If a player wants to protect his account from the hacker, he/she should not share the account information with others and keep changing the password of his account after 3 or 6 months. Players are also advised not to use the same password for every account and to use a different password for each account.

Here’s Breaking Up the Banned Accounts from December 11 to December 17, 2022

2% of Conqueror accounts

8% of Ace accounts

15% of Crown accounts

17% of Diamond accounts

15% of Platinum Accounts

12% of gold accounts

9% of Silver tier accounts

22% of Bronze tier accounts

Updated: April 13, 2022 — 7:38 pm

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