Pubg 1.5.0 Injector Hack Season 20

What is PUBG Injector Hack?

Pubg 1.5.0 Injector Hack Season 20.Injector is a tool or an apk containing direct codes, which runs on ANDLua+ based program. These hacks or hacking tools are prohibited in the Android Store or Play Store. These apps help us to put the code directly without using the hack script.

  • Root / Non-root
  • Global | Korea|Taiwan|Vientam
  • Season 20_1.5.0
  • For 32_64Bit PUBG versions

Memory functions:(Use with bypass only)

Weapon Hacks

  • aimbot
  • Less recoil
  • No kickback
  • Anti-shaking
  • Press Effect X
  • Seating range
  • Heat shot 90
  • magic bullet
  • small crotch hair

Visual Hacks

  • iPad display
  • night mode
  • black sky
  • no fog
  • Remove trees
  • no grass
speed hack
skin hack
  • helmet skin
  • bag skin
  • Equipments
  • weapon skins
  • vehicle skins
All files are available here

Pubg 1.5.0 Injector Hack Season 20

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Updated: March 28, 2022 — 11:50 am

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