Five Tip to become a pro Pubg Player in 2021 –

As we know, pubg is now the most popular and addictive game ever. Pubg is one of the leading games in many countries, especially in India. I had played pubg so many times and also realized pubg are realistic games that i have played in my life. I also play pubg from season 4 and i experienced so many things and tricks that can be important if you want to become a pro pubg player.

Here I am going to share the top 5 tips and tricks that should be considered to become a pro Pubg Player.

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How to become a pro pubg player


It is one of the most important tricks that you must try and add to your gameplay if you want to become a professional pubg player. Try to aim at the enemy’s head while chasing your enemy. It’s not only to take out the enemy faster, but also improves your gameplay stats. If you go to your stats section there, you can see the total headshot percentage you got while playing.

So aiming at your enemy’s head is the first step to follow in your gaming.


When I just started playing pubg in season 4. My main focus is on mastering the recoil of various weapons. It is important that you can control your recoil in Pubg mobile. It also determines the outcome of long range battles in pubg mobile. If you can control your recoil from your rifle, you can easily take down your enemy on a long-haul flight.

Whether it is good to use different handles for your weapon. Things like this help reduce your recoil.

Don’t skip the attachment

I had seen many players in Pubg Mobile skip the attachment for their weapons. They thought that attachments don’t do anything in the gameplay. But in that sense, it’s most important for things you need to use for different things like recoil control, opening scopes faster, and reloading weapons faster than usual.

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therefore do not skip an attachment. Before using an attachment for your gun, check what they put in your guns. extended quickdraw, for example, makes reloading faster and also increases the number of ammunition that can be equipped at once.

keep moving

It’s important to keep moving while doing close combat on pubg mobile. I’ve seen a lot of players not move much during close combat. It reduces the amount of ammo you hit. If you don’t move, most of the enemy’s ammunition will come straight at you and you’ll be knocked down quickly. So it’s important to keep moving during close quarters combat.

Vests and helmet

As you know, vests and helmets increase your hit points. in that they take more than half of the damage you’re going to take if vests and helmets aren’t there. So keep in mind that you have to wear a helmet and vest before fighting in Pubg Mobile.

Conclusion: Try to aim for the head, Control the recoil, Don’t skip any attachments, Get moving, Wear a vest and helmet, these are five things to keep in mind when playing pubg mobile.

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 7:54 am

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