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If you’re still not a pro despite playing BGMI/Pubg mobile for months, blame your finger claw settings or sensitivity setting. The win and loss depend on how quickly and accurately you move your fingers while gaming.

You may be able to play these battle royale games with your two or three or four fingers, even with five or six, but you have to make sure that all the controls on the screen are well managed.

Let’s know the best control setting with their layout in Pubg mobile and BGMI so that you can handle everything smoothly.

Finger Claw Settings in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

1. Best Settings for Two Finger Control in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Best Settings for Two Finger Control in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

Players must use both thumbs to control the gameplay. Some players might say that the 2 finger controls make the player Noob, but that is the wrong concept.

You can see a lot of YouTubers using only two thumbs, and yet they are legends. It depends on the habit and the correct placement of the buds.

So, according to the given picture of 2 Finger Claw Setting in Pubg mobile/BGMI, you should use your fingers like this:-
(i) Left Thumb:- to control Joystick, Backpack, Left Fire Button, Revive, Piggyback and Scope Range.
(ii) Right Thumb:- To operate Select Button, Range, Jump & Climb, Prone, Crouch, Reload, Plunder, Map, Eye Button, Heal, Throw, Pistol Switch Buttons.

In addition, the best basic setting for a two-finger is:
(i) Gyroscope: always on
(ii) Scope Mode: Tap
(iii) Select: Enable

2. Best setting for three finger operation in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Best setting for three-finger control in Pubg mobile/BGMI

With this setting, players must use their thumbs and left index fingers to control the game. The three-finger setting provides smooth operation and allows you to aim at long and short range comfortably.

So you can see the best layout of 3 finger claw setting in Pubg mobile / BGMI, and you should use your fingers like this;
(i) Left Thumb: Same as two finger setting
(ii) Right Thumb: Same here, but the only difference is that you have to move the gun switch to a different position as shown in the photo and place the scope button on the top right. It helps you to use the range quickly.
(iii) Left Index: Operate the left fire button only.

The best basic settings for 3 fingers are:
(i) Gyroscope: always on
(ii) Select button: Enable
(iii) Scope Mode: Your Choice

3. Best setting for four finger operation in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Best CLAW setting with four fingers in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Here the map is on the right and the squat and belly buttons are on the top right. And the size of all buttons is bigger because it makes 4-finger control smoother and more accurate.

You can see the given layout picture of the 4 finger claw settings in BGMI/Pubg mobile, and for controlling you need to use both thumbs and index fingers.

In addition, the basic setting for the four-finger setting is:
(i) Selector Button: Power On + Tap
(ii) Gyroscope: your choice
(iii) Scope Mode: Hold
(iv) Jump/climb: turn on


  • Can I become a pro in Pubg mobile/BGMI with 2 finger controls?

Yes, you can become the conqueror with +5 KD by playing PUBGM/BGMI with your 2 fingers. It is possible, but you should not change your habit often.

But I want to recommend you if you use two fingers, use gyro sensitivity for best performance. Otherwise, you will struggle to control long-range recoil.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 4:38 pm

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