Best 4 Finger claw Setup PUBG mobile Only Few are using in 2021!

Best Four Finger Claw Settings in PUBG Settings

Are you switching from 2 finger claw settings or PUBG controls with 3 fingers to 4-finger claw setup PUBG mobile? Or are you someone who wants to kickstart 4-finger claw settings in PUBG Mobile?

Or maybe you’re just looking for the best 4 finger claw in PUBG Mobile.

If your answer is: Yes, you are in the right place. We won’t waste time as time is of the essence when learning a new layout.

In this article, we are going to see the best 4 finger claws in PUBG mobile. You will also learn the best layout and sensitivity for this setup.

Now, without paying further, let’s dive in.

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In this article we will see:

What is 4-finger claw configuration for PUBG Mobile?

4-finger PUBG controls refer to the setup in Pubg Mobile where a player uses four fingers to play the game. Widely use most players two thumbs and two index fingers out of every hand.

Advantages of the four-finger claw control in PUBG

  • It is the most flexible arrangement.
  • You can control four aspects at once.
  • This jaw setting has one of the fastest movement speeds.

The only downside I see is:

  • The four-finger layout takes longer to master.
  • Your hands will cover more screen area. That’s why you don’t see the edges of your device.

First, I recommend using three-finger claw controls in PUBG. Then you simply switch to the four-finger claw setup. Doing this will save most of your time.

4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile Best Control Layout

1) PUBG Four Finger Control Settings:

What is the best four finger claw layout in PUBG Mobile? The first layout is the one in which you place the fingers in the following way.

  • The joystick remains at the bottom left
  • The fire button at the top left
  • Pointing, peeking & squatting top right
  • Jump, reload & lie position lower right
4 finger claw layout 1 PUBG

2) 4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile Best Control Layout Code

  • The joystick remains at the bottom left
  • The fire button at the top left
  • The Peek is in the middle of the right side
  • Jump & Reload is at the bottom left
  • Aim, lie and squat stays in the top right corner

4 finger claw layout 2 PUBG

Best 4 Finger Claw Sensitivity Without Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile

First, let’s take a look at all the ADS sensitivity settings. Then we move on and see the best gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile. One that is also used by professionals!

1) 4-finger Claw Camera Sensitivity (free look)

Try these settings for reference. You may need to increase or decrease the parameters depending on the device type and your actual playing style.

4-finger claw camera free look sensitivity
Camera sensitivity (free look)
3rd person camera 100%
Camera 100%
1st person camera 70%

2) Four Finger Claw Settings – Camera

4-finger caliper camera sensitivity
Camera Sensitivity

3rd person no reach 71%
1st person no reach 67%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 61%
2x range 35%
3x range 25%
4x Scope, VSS 14%
6x range 12%
8x range 8%

This will affect the camera’s sensitivity when swiping the screen without shooting Scope ON mode

3) Best Four Finger ADS Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile

Four-finger ADS sensitivity
ADS sensitivity
3rd person no reach 90%
1st person no reach 77%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 55%
2x range 55%
3x range 35%
4x Scope, VSS 20%
6x range 14%
8x range 9%

Then the ADS refers to: Point down

and is used to control recoil in PUBG mobile. Plus, it works by dragging your finger down to compensate for the recoil.

First, the recoil is highest for 6x. So it’s best to adjust 6x to 3x

In contrast, the recoil is least for the red dot and holographic.

Best Four Finger Claw Gyroscope Sensitivity

Okay, gyroscope players, it’s finally time I gave you the . tell exact blueprint that I used to get 312% more WCD in PUBG mobile.

4-finger Claw Gyroscope Sensitivity
Gyroscope Sensitivity

You can also use Gyroscope for recoil control† To do this, tilt your device in the opposite direction to that of the gun. Lately, more players are switching to the gyro settings. So you can also try these settings.

3rd person no reach 300%
1st person no reach 300%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 250%
2x range 200%
3x range 200%
4x Scope, VSS 190%
6x range 80%
8x range 70%

How do you practice PUBG with four fingers?

Here’s a bonus for those of you who have stayed this far. Thank you! Let me make this article a little more useful for more.

We’ll see how you can properly practice the things we’ve just seen.

IMPORTANT TIP – Clean your hands from sweat. The sweat can mess up your controls. In general, you need a smooth grip on your device so you can move your fingers easily across the screen.

claw setup live demo
live action

  • Master close combat fights in TDMs
  • The fastest way to master the four-finger setup is to play TDMs
  • Exercise Kickback Control in PUBG by spraying on different objects
  • Involve all fingers in the training room and add them one by one
  • Improve reflexes by playing war mode
  • Play with different sensitivities and layouts
  • Peek and fire the targets taking cover
  • Aim at the head as much as possible in the training room

Is four-finger pubg control better than two- or three-finger PUBG control?

I often get this question in my emails, so let me answer it in simple terms.

NEW† This is not the case.

Four finger claw in PUBG mobile is very complex for some people to learn and master. This doesn’t mean it’s better than the two-finger setting in PUBG Mobile or the three-finger claw settings. A four-fingered claw is just another setup you can use to play PUBG on mobile. Plus, a two-finger setup or a three-finger PUBG control can be just as good as a four-finger setup. So don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on this setup.

Not every esports/competitive PUBG player uses same settings or sensitivity. They just follow what works for them. This four finger settings and layout are good enough to give you a start

They may work or not work, so you should adjust accordingly.

So, try all settings that are available. Then choose the one that suits you best based on your finger size and reflexes.


Once you’re comfortable with this setup, you can try Mortal’s four-finger claw setup. His setup is also very effective and will give you a new layout in addition to the above setups.

Finally, feel free to change this 4-finger claw setup to your liking. These settings may not work for everyone. But the range provided will do just fine.

These claw layouts can help you play PUBG like a pro

Don’t use this four-finger claw control if you feel like your gameplay is deteriorating† In that case, observe the three-finger claw setup alone. After all, not all people can use the four-finger claw layout.

Frequently asked questions related to 4-finger claw settings

What is Better 3-finger claw or 4-finger claw?

1) This purely depends on your finger size, screen sizeflexibility of the fingers
2) If you have short fingers or less screen sizego for 3 finger claw.
3) If you have long fingers or a large screen sizego for 4-finger claw.

In general, it’s better to use 4-finger claw setting in PUBG mobile as you can access multiple controls like crouch, shoot, aim/peep, landscape, etc.

How to place the 4 finger claw in PUBG mobile?

Go to institutionsand add one new layout.
Set up the buttons or controls as mentioned in this article.

What is the best sensitivity for pubg 4 finger claw player?

The best sensitivity for a pubg 4-finger claw player varies from person to person. Some prefer high sensitivity while others prefer low sensitivity. First you need to decide whether you want a Gyroscope player or the ADS a.
But for starters, you need to refer to the sensitivity mentioned in the images above.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 8:18 pm

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