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Best pubg mobile caster

let’s talk about the best pubg mobile caster and the richest players in pubg

best pubg mobile caster
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Pubg mobile caster

Best pubg mobile caster The Life Ocean Sharma is one of the best pubg mobile caster he has been playing PUBG Mobile game for 2 years. In the beginning, when he tried to become a YouTuber, he didn’t get many views, so he found a different approach that no one else has done before at that time, a YouTube channel called Gamingpro Ocean, where he regularly uploads his video to get a lot of explain valuable things in PUBG Mobile.

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2019: Harmandeep or Mavi as it is popularly known, the best attacker PUBG Mobile He has been an Orange Rock mainstay since late 2019 and has helped OR achieve several first places in major tournaments.

PUBG caster wheel

A PUBG caster wheel is someone who comments on live tournaments or pub games in front of an audience, similar to a sport caster from other sports. castor wheels play a vital role in the eSports scene, bringing insight, humor, excitement and a unique personality to games that should otherwise be enjoyed alone.

Jonathan Amaral

There is only one name that comes to mind when we say to India best PUBG mobile player, and Jonathan Amaral has proven time and again that that name is his. The 19 year old player is almost always in the top 5 fragger list in every tournament he participates in, if not quite top

The richest player is: G9

He is a talented and charismatic player and his teammates gather around him, allowing them to draw on his confidence and his playing knowledge. RRQ Athens has won 4 major tournaments and also successfully defended their Star Challenge title in 2019 earning $126K.

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