(Zero Recoil) Best Sensitivity Settings for Pubg Mobile (2021)

Best Sensitivity Settings for Pubg Mobile (No Kickback) or Best Sensitivity to Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) of Planets in full form

So today I’m not going to share any kickback sensitivity with you.

Here is my promise to you .

If you read this entire article and copy this sensitivity. Then literally no one can stop you from becoming a pro Pubg Mobile player.

Your recoil will be zero for any range and this sensitivity can dramatically increase your close combat.

What is Sensitivity Setting in Pubg Mobile?

Sensitivity setting in Pubg is the key element of move, direction, aim, recoil and accuracy.

You can’t play pubg professionally without Ideal Sensitivity.

According to full form planets sensitivity setting is the most important element of the overall game.

So, Guys Perfect sensitivity plays one of the most important roles in making you a professional player.

Today I am going to share with you a definitive guide on perfect sensitivity for pubg mobile

This sensitivity helps you without kickback and makes you a master of kickback control.

So, without paying further, let’s dive right in.

Pubg Sensitivity Codes – Best Sensitivity Settings Codes

1. Team Secret – U High


Benefits of Reading This Entire Article (Please Read)

  • You will get perfect sensitivity setting for Android, IOS and Emulator.
  • Your close combat can be dramatically increased with this sensitivity.
  • Your recoil will be close to zero.
  • You get perfect gyroscope sensitivity.
  • You will learn how to master your ad sensitivity.

Best sensitivity setting for Pubg Mobile

How to choose the best sensitivity setting for Pubg Mobile without kickback!

Now it’s time to choose a perfect sensitivity for your Pubg mobile.

But before you choose one perfect sensitivity in Pubg Mobile

You have to understand exactly how sensitivity works.

Basically almost every popular pubg mobile player uses these sensitivity settings like Coffin (for gyroscope), mortal and athena gaming etc.

As we all know, there are four types of sensitivity in Pubg Mobile.

  1. Camera sensitivity for free look
  2. Third person sensitivity
  3. ADS sensitivity
  4. Gyroscope Sensitivity

Now let’s talk deeply about everything

Camera sensitivity for free look

Basically, the Free Look Camera sensitivity is used to check the 360° area without any movement of the player.

It can be used using the eye button.

Basically, this sensitivity doesn’t matter when improving your gameplay.

Best camera sensitivity for free look is 110.

Third person sensitivity

Third person sensitivity (TPS) is your sensitivity when you are not firing. Remember your 4X Sight Sensitivity is 38 and you are shoveling to spot enemies. Now you have M416. Suddenly you see an enemy and start shooting at him. At that moment your sensitivity is not yet 38. Why??

if you’re curious to know, read our next point on ad sensitivity.

I’ve mentioned the recommended sensitivity for gyro and non-gyro players. So don’t get confused.

Best Third Person Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile

Camera type Sensitivity
3rd person no reach 120% to 150% for Gyro players (120 recommended)
1st person no reach 145% and 120 for Gyro players
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 50-60%
2x range 40% & 24% for Gyro players
3x range 22% & 14% for Gyro players
4x Scope & VSS 15% & 12% for Gyro players
6x range 12% & 8% for Gyro players
8x range 7-8% & 10% for Gyro players

Recommended third person sensitivity

Best pubg for third person sensitivity

Best ADS Sensitivity

Basically, ADS sensitivity is the sensitivity that works when a gun is fired. Because there is much difference in controlling a weapon while firing and not firing.

Always keep your ADS sensitivity lower than the third person sensitivity.

Best Ad Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile

Camera type Sensitivity
3rd person no reach 150%
1st person no reach 120%
Red dot, holographic 60%
2x range 40%
3x range 22%
4x range 16%
6x range 12%
8x range 7%

Recommended ADS sensitivity

Best Ad Sensitivity Pubg

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity

Gyroscope sensitivity can definitely make you a pro player. If you’ve mastered it

The sensitivity of the gyroscope works by moving your device. In the gyroscope you can easily control the recoil of the gun by moving your device downwards.

You can use my perfect gyroscope sensitivity below.

For Gyroscope you can copy Coffin’s sensitivity from here

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile

Camera type

3rd person no reach 300%-350%
1st person no reach 300%
Red dot, holographic 330%
2x range 300%
3x range 33%
4x range 43%
6x range 35%
8x range 26%

Almost every player earns 6x half for good sprays. So you don’t need to increase your sensitivity 6x. Because the 3x and half 6x sensitivity is the same.

In fact, if you want to increase the sensitivity 8x. Then you can analyze your perfect sensitivity in the training room. And check out our article on white ghillie suit pubg mobile training

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity Pubg

I hope you like our article Best sensitivity setting for Pubg Mobile and don’t forget to share it. Because this proven sensitivity setting is used by many popular pubg players.

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What is Aim Assist in Pubg?

Aim Assist is an in-game mechanism of the game. That helps players aim better. Aim Assist works better for Red dot and Holo sight.

How can I improve my goal in PUBG Mobile?

There are many exercises you can do to improve your aim in PUBG Mobile. Such as practice in training room, try different sensitivity and good equipment is important.

How do I adjust the PUBG sensitivity?

Open the settings first and then open the Sensitivity tab. Now scroll down and apply the best sensitivity settings for Pubg Mobile.

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last words

So today I shared Best Pubg Mobile Sensitivity for No Kickback in 2021 with you.

Also Zero Recoil Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile and Pubg Best Sensitivity no Recoil.

Literally, if you use this sensitivity perfectly and adjust it on some points.

Then no one can stop your recoil control.

Now let’s look at the points that we have covered in this article.

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