The only Two finger claw settings PUBG Mobile you need to know!

two finer thumb settings pubg mobile

Today it is very rare to see everyone playing with the 2-finger claw settings. Two-finger claw settings are seen as the settings that only the newbies use. However, if used properly, a two-finger claw configuration can work in such a way that the three-finger claw settings in PUBG Mobile or even the four-finger settings in PUBG Mobile can never work.

Yes, I’m saying you’re better off playing with the two-finger PUBG controls than with other layouts. This could be a number of reasons for this. A simple reason could be: size of your screen. Using the three-finger setup or even the four-finger claw on a small screen will eventually cover most of the device’s screen. This would result in less visibility. That means you can’t see the environment. In most cases this will deadly!

A reason to use a two-finger layout is the stability it offers Gyroscope

mode† You can control firing in a more balanced way. Having more control isn’t the only advantage you have.

In this article we will see:

What is Two Finger claw configuration in PUBG Mobile?

In a two-finger setup you will need: two thumbs† Each thumb controls both sides of the screen. The remaining fingers rest on the back of the device. In general, players keep all other controls close to their thumbs. Each control should be accessible as soon as possible. Otherwise you may need extra time and get killed.

Best 2 Finger Configuration in PUBG Mobile

2 Finger Claw Layout in PUBG Mobile

2 finger claw thumb layout

2 Finger PUBG Control Setting:

The idea is to have all controls like this: close to if possible. So you need to place the buttons close to your thumb.

In the two-finger thumb layout, Joystick, view buttons rest on the left t side of the screen† On the right screen you have your fire button, jump, crouch, reload, scope and lay down buttons.

This layout may or may not work for you. You can create your own two-finger claw layout of your choice. This layout is intended to give you an idea of ​​where best to place the controls.

Two Finger Claw Sensitivity Settings PUBG Mobile

Camera sensitivity (free look)

4-finger claw camera free look sensitivity
3rd person camera 100%
Camera 100%
1st person camera 70%


4-finger caliper camera sensitivity
3rd person no reach 70-75%
1st person no reach 65-70%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 61%
2x range 35%
3x range 22-25%
4x ACOG scope, VSS 10-15%
6x range 12-15%
8x range 8-10%

ADS sensitivity

ADS sensitivity with 2 fingers
3rd person no reach 90-120%
1st person no reach 80-120%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 50-70%
2x range 50-60%
3x range 70-80%
4x ACOG scope, VSS 40-50%
6x range 50-60%
8x range 10-20%

Sensitivity settings for two-finger gyroscopes

Two-finger gyroscope sensitivity
3rd person no reach 300%
1st person no reach 300%
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 300%
2x range 300%
3x range 250-300%
4x ACOG scope, VSS 190-240%
6x range 40-70%
8x range 20-50%

Best PUBG Two Finger Mobile Players

The two competitive PUBG Mobile players I’ve seen are Mavi and Jonathan. They are one of the huge rivals in PUBG Mobile. Both have many successes to their name. And it is very difficult to compare one with the other.

They have both actively participated in PMPL, PMCO and even the world competition which bears the name PMWL. You can see their gameplay on YouTube and try to learn from it.

2 Finger Claw vs. 4 Finger Claw PUBG Mobile

2-finger setup 4-finger setup
Easy to master. Takes time to master.
Better gyroscope control. Less stable gyro control.
Cannot operate more than two controls at the same time. You can easily crouch, peek, move and shoot at any given instance.
Better for small screen devices. Better to use on big screen mobile phones or tablets/iPad.
More screen visible. Less view of the screen.


In summary, I want to let you know that you can have some of the best PUBG Mobile gameplay even if you use two finger claw settings. If the other two settings don’t work for you, the two-finger thumb setting will definitely help you! You just need to practice in the training room.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 6:49 pm

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