Best upgradable gun skins in Pubg mobile similar to M416 glacier –

Who wouldn’t want an M416 glacier? But that determines happiness. So I’ve brought you the 5 best collections of upgradable rifle skins in Pubg Mobile that can make you feel like you have the M416 Glacier.

The fact is that there are over 60 upgradeable guns, and you need over 500 materials and 6000 paints to upgrade them all.
It means that the estimated cost of leveling all skins in Pubg mobile can go above $100,000. I said all, not one.

For example, have you tried to get hold of materials? If yes then you may know that it requires between 1K and 1.5K UC, and good luck getting 1 material.

So if you want to have “materials” to max out a gun skin, you’ll need about 30K to 60K UC without a doubt. Another thing is that you can’t buy materials directly from Pubg’s mobile store.

Finally, the question which are the best upgradeable weapon skins comparable to the M416 Glacier in Pubg Mobile? Let’s figure it out.

Top 5 Upgradeable Gun Skins Similar to M416 Glacier in Pubg Mobile

1. The Fool-M416

The Fool-M416: Upgradable Skin in Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile introduced the silly M416 skin on March 29, 2019 for the first time and for the second time on April 13, 2022 (2nd anniversary). It is an upgradeable mythical gun skin, and you can upgrade this skin to level 7.

Players needed 370 paint and 27 materials to upgrade the fool-M416 max. So the best thing I like about its features are the fool’s surprise, the loot box, and the elimination broadcast.

2. Water Blaser Scar L

Water Blaser-Scar L skin in Pubg mobile

The water blaster Scar L skin was introduced on 19th July 2019. It came as a lucky spin reward and the player unlocked Scar L skin by spending 60UC and 540UC for a one time spin and ten spins respectively.

This Scar L water blaster skin can also be upgraded to 7th level, like an M416 Glacier. In addition, the best feature of the upgrade version is the elimination broadcast, the final form of the result emote and the box of loot crates.

3. Aurora Pulsa – M16A4

3. Aurora Pulsa- M16A4 skin in Pubg mobile

Most players might hate the M16A4 rifle, but the impressive skin Aurora Pulsa gives the pistol a new attractive look – it’s similar to the M416 Glacier. This skin was introduced by Pubg mobile on April 25, 2022, season 18 (2nd anniversary).

In that time, players have spent over 40K UC to increase Aurora Pulsa-M16A4 skin max. So the elimination broadcast, result emote and loot crate are the best features you can unlock by upgrading the skin.

4. Concerto of Love – M762

Concerto of Love-M762 skin in Pubg mobile

I hope you know when the love skin M762 concerto came into play. Yes, it was March 26, 2021 on the 3rd anniversary.

It is also the most preferred and demanding gun skin in PUBGM. Like other upgradable gun skins, Pubg mobile players have spent over 40K UC to get the most out of this M762 skin, and the function of this skin is impressive.

5. Glacier AKM

AKM Glacier Skin in Pubg Mobile: Upgradable Pistol

The Glacier-AKM is one of the most precious and demanding upgradeable rifle skins in Pubg mobile. The appearance is similar to the glacier skin of M416, but the AKM version.

The glacier skin of AKM came on December 14, 2019 during the winter festivals Christmas. But the fact is that many players have this skin. Players spent 370 paint and 27 materials to upgrade the AKM glacier skin to the maximum level in Pubg Mobile. One of the best features of this skin is its unique outer chest.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 12:25 am

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