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Short biography
Real name Not known
Nickname Biu Biu
Date of birth Not known
Birthplace Malaysia
Country Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian
PUBG name TS BiuBiu
PUBG ID 5223109594
K/D ration No
clan name Team secret
Service four finger claw
Social media
Instagram biu1215
[email protected]

Biu Biu PUBG Player Biography

Biu Biu is a popular Malaysian gamer. Biu Biu is the founder of Biu Biu Gaming Channel. He was born in Malaysia. He has 600k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. Biu Biu is the most popular gaming channel in Malaysia. He started his youtube channel on November 11, 2018. He is famous for PUBG Mobile. He is a very good PUBG Mobile player.

The name of the Biu Biu clan is Team Secret and Biu Biu is the leader of his clan. Biu Biu had played so many PUBG tournaments and he won those tournaments too. His channel is growing very fast. Many people subscribe to his YouTube channel every day and almost every video exceeds 200k views.

Biu Biu with team secret

Lesser Known Facts About Biu Biu

  • Biu Biu is a Malaysian gamer.
  • He is a master at mastering 6x recoil in PUBG Mobile.
  • He plays PUBG with the four finger claw.
  • He won the PUBG Mobile Open Club Challenge 2019.

Most searched questions about Biu Biu:

  • Who is Biu Biu?
  • Ans: Biu Biu is a Malaysian Youtuber. He uploads videos about PUBG and he is famous for PUBG Mobile.
  • What is Biu BiuR’s real name?
  • answer: unknown
  • What phone/emulator does Biu Biu use?
  • Answer: iOS
  • How much does Biu Biu make?
  • answer: unknown

Biu Biu Popular Videos

Below you can see the most famous video of Biu Biu.

Any mobile pubg player will watch this ending

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