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BTR Zuxxy Biography: Pubg ID, Name, Sensitivity, Controls and much more: Zuxxy or BTR Zuxxy is a Pubg Mobile eSports Professional Player and he proved himself in PMWL 2022 why he is the best Pubg Mobile Player in the world on my list. Team BTR defeated India’s best player Team Orange Rock in the final and Zuxxy’s role was very important in that match. Zuxxy also awarded in PMGC 2022 Held in Dubai on January 29, 2021. Zuxxy’s team was in the Top 5 and he is the 5th person to have had the most kills.

Dear Readers If you are looking for information related to BTR Zuxxy, then this article will tell you all about BTR Zuxxy. You know the real name of BTR Luxxy, BTR Zuxxy Pubg ID, BTR Zuxxy Age, BTR Zuxxy Control Setting, BTR Zuxxy Sensitivity Setting, BTR Zuxxy Graphic Setting, BTR Zuxxy Device Name, BTR Zuxxy Religion and many more.

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BTR Zuxxy Biography: Pubg ID, Name, Sensitivity, Controls & Much More

BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy Biography

The real name of BTR Zuxxy is Made Bagas Pramudita. He was born on May 31, 2003 in Indonesia. BTR Zuxxy is the brother of BTR Luxxy. BTR Zuxxy started playing Pubg Mobile from Season II, achieving an Ace Tier with KD of 11.27 in Season II. BTR Zuxxy joined Bigetron Red Alliance on May 28, 2018, where he plays as an in-game Leader

BTR Zuxxy is also a YouTube content creator where he uploads Pubg Mobile Gameplay Video. BTR Zuxxy YouTube channel name is Zuxxy Gaming and has gained 1.51 million subscribers.

BTR Luxxy also streams on NimoTV where he has 75.8 thousand followers. BTR Luxxy also uses Instagram called bagas_zuxxy.

BTR Zuxxy short biography

Real name Made Bagas Pramudita
Country Indonesia
Age 17 years, May 31, 2003
PUBG ID 542761123
PUBG name BTRXZuxxy
Kd ratio 7+
clan name SDR
Service 4 Claw
Device name iPhone 11 PRO MAX
Instagram bagas_zuxxy
Believe islam (muslim)

Real name BTR Zuxxy

Btr Zuxxy Real name is made Bagas Pramudita, he is from Indonesia, he is the professional PUBG mobile player playing for Bigetron eSports.

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BTR Zuxxy Character ID

BTR Zuxxy Pubg mobile ID is 542761123.

BTR Zuxxy girlfriend

BTR Zuxxy Girlfriend Name is mega fox. Megfox Pubg ID is 5439247062 and her KD is 1.42. The image below is of BTR Zuxxy’s girlfriend who has been verified by his Pubg profile.

BTR Zuxxy girlfriend

BTR Zuxxy Religion

BTR Zuxxy is an Indonesian Muslim and his religion is Islam

BTR Zuxxy Device Name and Controls

BTR Zuxxy uses the iPhone 11 PRO MAX device and he is a 4 claw player: Check device specification

BTR Zuxxy Age

BTR Zuxxy’s age is 17 years.

BTR Zuxxy Contact Details

BTR Zuxxy Email ID [email protected]

Instagram – bagas_zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy Youtube Channel

BTR Zuxxy YouTube Channel Link: Zuxxy Gaming

BTR Zuxxy Sensitivity Settings

BTR Zuxxy’s Pubg Mobile Sensitivity Setup listed below, but remember that players adjust their control and sensitivity according to their need, so this is not a permanent sensitivity setup.

BTR Zuxxy Camera Settings

3rd person
no vision
120 1st person No range 115
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 50 2× range 35
3× range 29 4× range 20
6× range 15 8× range 12

BTR Zuxxy ADS Sensitivity

3rd person no reach 120 1st person no reach 112
Red dot, holographic, aim assist 88 2× range 36
3× range 30 4× range 40
6× range 30 8× range 12

BTR Zuxxy Gyroscope Setting

3rd person no reach 300 1st person no reach 300
Red dot, holographic 300 2× range 300
3× range 165 4× range 124
6× range 60 8× range 45

BTR Zuxxy Basic setting

Aiming aid Turn of
Vision Block Warning Switch
Bolt Action Rifle and Crossbow Firing Mode Release
Shotgun firing mode Crane
Peek And Fire Turn of
Peek and open range Switch
Lean Mod mixed
Scope Mode: Crane
Show left fire button Always on
Gyroscope Range on
Automatically opening doors Switch
Healing prompt Turn of
Play emote Switch
Jump/climb To combine
Damage Effect red
1st Person Perspective Camera View 103
BTR Zuxxy graphics setting
Graphics Soft
frame rate extreme
Style classic
Anti-aliasing Switch
Brightness 150%
Non-standard screens notched
BTR Zuxxy Pickup Setting
Automatic retrieval Switch
Stop automatic retrieval when list is collapsed Switch
Automatic Retrieval Level 3 Bag Collection Switch
Automatic pick-up pistols Switch
BTR Zuxxy Granade Pickup Setting
Frag Granade 5
Smoke Grande 7
Molotov cocktail 1
Stun Grande

BTR Zuxxy season wise K/d ratio

Season 16: 7.14
Season 15: 6.23
Season 14: 6.71
Season 13: 6.91
Season 12: 8.81
Season 11: 7.46
Season 10: 7.48
Season 9: 8.07
Season 8: 6.89
Season 7: 8.84
Season 6: 11.70
Season 5: 12.66
Season 4: 11.16
Season 3: 9.19
Season 2: 11.27

BTR Zuxxy Achievements

BTR Zuxxy rose to fame when his team managed to win the 2018 PINC event, qualifying in Shanghai, China, and pass PMCO to Berlin and Germany. He recently won the PMWL 2022 title.

PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship BTR $12,441

PMWL 2022 BTR $155,000

PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: Indonesia Qualifies BTR $4,000

PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship BTR $20,000

PUBG Mobile Indonesia 2019 National Championship BTR $13,200

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 BTR $50,000

Bubu eSports Tournament 2019: Men’s BTR $11,815

PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA League BTR $8,600

PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA Championship BTR $6,000

PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals BTR $205,000

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BTR Zuxxy: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BTR Zuxxy?

BTR Zuxxy is a professional Pubg Mobile eSports player who plays for team BTR (Bigetron Red Alliance). The in-game role of BTR Zuxxy is that of Assaulter and Ingame Leader.

What is the age of BTR Zuxxy?

BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy are both twins. So the age of BTR Zuxxy is also 17 years.

Is BTR Zuxxy a PUBG?

BTR Zuxxy is not a Pubg but a PUBG MOBILE player playing for BTR, an eSports company in Indonesia.

Who are BTR Microboy teammates?

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