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CarryMinati is the name not lurking to know. Almost everyone in India knows him for his roasting style and dispute with TikTokers. Later on, TikTok was blocked in India and almost everyone credited Carryminati for this because he always roasts the people who make useless and nonsense videos and compares them to Youtubers.

In this article, we will discuss carryminati, the story behind its success, Age, Girlfriend, Networth, Pubg ID and some other unknown facts.

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CarryMinati: Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Pubg ID, Device, etc.


CarryMinati Biography

CarryMinati is the nickname of India’s most popular YouTube celebrity Ajey Nagar† He is from the NCR area of ​​Faridabad Haryana. Carry also completed his education from Haryana, although he left the 12 exams later he completed higher secondary education by distance.

Carryminati Wiki

Real name Ajey Nagar
Nickname Carrymination
Age 21 years (June 12, 1999)
Country India
Stands Faridabad, Haryana
Girlfriend Avneet Kauro
Net value $1800000 (approx.) per year
Pubg ID 545247961
YouTube channels Carry Minati, CarryisLive

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CarryMinati: frequently asked questions

Does CarryMinati play PUBG on emulator?

CarryMinati plays PUBG on Emulator and also on mobile device. He started playing Pubg Mobile on Emulators but later he switched to a mobile device and it looks like he is playing on ASUS ROG 5.

Is CarryMinati a good gamer?

No, he is not a good gamer, but he gives the best commentary and roasts with the combination of gaming that makes him the best and most popular YouTuber.

How much does CarryMinati earn per month?

According to a report by Republic, Carrys Net Worth is 3.8 million US dollars, which is equivalent to 277360100.00 Indian rupees. But Carry earns more than our expectations because he has several sources of income including YouTube, Affiliate, Sponsorship and other investments.

Why is CarryMinati so famous?

Carry is popular as Indian Gamer, Roast and Singer. He became more famous when he was in controversy with tiktok and this controversy really made him a highest subscriber star in India.

Updated: March 29, 2022 — 9:50 am

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