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BGMI games have many features to enhance the gameplay experience. But many new users do not know this. Almost every new player is not aware of how to use Gyroscope, or enable gyroscope, peak and fire lean mode and jump and climb, quick scop select etc. So we are here to give you complete information about the BGMI basic setting and how to use these settings. So let’s get started

Full Basic Setup of BGMI (Pubg Mobile Explained)

When you open BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) or Pubg Mobile, you will find the setting option by clicking the right corner option shown in the image below.

After clicking Basic Setup, we get a huge list of features that can be used for a better gameplay experience. So let’s get started

What is Aim Assist in BGMI (PUBG MOBILE)

Aim Assist is the most powerful feature, when it is enabled, the player can easily take a headshot. The Aim Assist function follows the aiming at the head. Though many users keep Aim Assist while grinding.

The Aim Assist function also has a negative point

  • Aim Assist follows the head of the most damaged player, which makes it a bit more difficult while fighting more than one enemy at close range.

What is Aim Assist in BGMI (PUBG MOBILE)

When we aim at the enemy and an object such as a wall or containers comes in front of the target, BGMI warns that your air is blocked. If you enable it, you will get a warning.

What is fire mode?

We mostly know about continuous firing for automatic rifles, but there are two tap and release options available to shoot in BGMI for shotguns and sniper rifles. If you enable the tap option, you need to tap the fire button to shoot and if you enable release, you need to focus the target and release the fire button to shoot the target.

What is Peek and Open Scope?

The Peek and Fire option is very popular for BGMI or Pubg Mobile players. This option really improves the technique of hitting the enemy without taking cover. Though there is another option of peek and open scope related to the same function with addition of scope opening, in this case standing or sitting behind a lid and pressing the peek button then your character will move little left or right lean and if you have peek and open scope enabled the scope will also be open on the target when you peek or if you press the view button.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 8:05 am

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