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Cosmic YT Pubg ID: So today I am going to share Cosmic YT Pubg ID with you.

Also Cosmic YT real name, age, Pubg settings, stats, Pubg profile and biography for you.

So let’s get into it.

Cosmic YT Pubg ID

So, Cosmic YT Pubg ID is: 575328259† And his Pubg name is CosmicYT.

He is one of the best Gaming Youtuber† And he has over 650,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Sometimes Cosmic stands for Conqueror in some seasons. But his main motto is to entertain the public.


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Cosmic YT Real name, age and biography

Cosmic YT Real name is Inderpal Singh and he is from Punjab, India.

His YouTube channel was previously banned. Fortunately, he later got his channel back.

He also plays other RP (Role Play) Games like GTA 5. Mostly he does live streaming from Pubg Mobile.

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last words

So today I shared Cosmic YT Pubg ID with you.

Also real name, age, Pubg settings, stats and biography are for you.

Now, still something on your mind. Then let me know in the comments section. Security Status

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 4:58 am

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