QRF Dictator Pubg ID, Real Name, Controls, Device, Tik Tok and more

Dictator Pubg

Short biography
Real name Aamir Shahzad
Nickname QRF dictator
Age 24 years old
Birthplace Jhelum
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
PUBG name QRF (Dictator)
PUBG ID 5186073683
clan QR power
crew QRForce
Service 4 finger claw
Device iPad 6th generation
Social media
Instagram yt_dictator
E-mail [email protected]

QRF Dictator Pubg Biography

In this post I am going to tell you about QRF Dictator. Dictator is the famous Pubg Tik Toker. He is from Pakistan. The dictator’s real name is Aamir Shahzad. He lives in Jhelum. Jhelum is the city that lies in the Punjab.

He gained fame with the Pubg Video. He uploads Pubg game videos on his Tik Tok account. QRF Dictator tik tok username is odictator. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad 6th Generation with 4 Fingers Claw Setup.

QRF Dictator is the leader of the QRF clan. It involves the famous Pakistani clans and he participated in many PUBG Mobile tournaments. Qrf Dictator has a very good friendship with the famous Pakistani Pubg Mobile Players.

Lesser Known Facts About Dictator

  • QRF Dictator’s real name is Aamir Shahzad.
  • He lives in Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • He is the leader of the QRF clan.
  • When PUBG Mobile was banned in Pakistan, it supported the Gaming Community too much.

Wanted questions about QRF Dictator

Ans: QRF Dictator is the famous Pakistani Pubg Tik Toker. He uploads videos of Pubg game on his TikTok.

What is the name of the Qrf Dictator Youtube channel?
Ans: His channel name is Dictator gaming.

What is Qrf Dictator’s real name?

Ans: His real name is Aamir Shahzad.

Which phone does Qrf Dictator use?

QEF Dicator’s popular video

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 4:26 am

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