BETA PUBG MOBILE APK Data 1.8.3 (new season) (Full) for Android

Beta pubg mobile (-igxe pubg) new version of the game from PUBG is designed by Tencent Games for Android and today we have brought you the latest version of the game for download just like the rest of the official PUBG MOBILE versions and PUBG MOBILE LITE with a direct link!

This version of the game is called BETA PUBG MOBILE, and it is basically a trial version before the update to the original version of the PUBG MOBILE game was released, and this version of the game allows developers to try the game to avoid problems in the official and global version.

Download the demo version of the game PUBG Mobile

In this version you will see the same direction as the original to the original game, and this game should not be considered as a sub version or a smaller version of any other PUBG Mobile Lite.

The game is basically a new platform for developers to add new features, modes and seasons to the game in a separate and independent title that is available to players, especially professional players, developers and bug fixers (professionals who can search for bugs and game problems, report them and send them to the original developer for a solution.

But of course, not only developers and professional players go to this version, regular players and even inexperienced players and many amateurs can be played, because BETA PUBG MOBILE is available for everyone.

This means that unlike many other apps and games, it does not impose any restrictions on different players to download this version.

In BETA PUBG MOBILE, new sections, chapters and features will be introduced and published that need to be revised.

If you have already tested PUBG MOBILE with the first encounter in the beta version, you will notice the interesting changes and many changes. These changes include a number of things in different parts of the game, such as adding a new professional mode to compete with the Call of Duty: Mobile update called Arcade Mode-War.

This mode is a new and separate part, unlike all battle royale mode games it is mostly team and group character.

Other notable changes to BETA PUBG MOBILE include the addition of new weapons and items, new maps, and new locations.

However, it cannot be said that BETA PUBG MOBILE is a completely different and independent game; Because the gameplay, graphics and design language of the game are the same as the original version.

In this game you, along with dozens of other players, have to play online and try to survive. Your task will not be easy and many challenges await you in this game such as finding resources, protecting yourself, chasing and killing enemies and trying to escape from difficult situations. You can now download the latest version from the official Box Tech website!

Notice :

The game is available to players and professional developers and its aim is to introduce new sections, items and features in the game before it is released in the final version.
This is why this game is a full beta title and is unlikely to run, crash, or have various bugs. As a result, if you are a regular gamer and want to try this game, we recommend that you download and install the original version.


“APK” install it on your device.
Enter the game.


Download links

the official

Google Play

Download BETA APK File Original v1.8.3 (772 MB)

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 4:11 am

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