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  • Jonathon is a popular professional pubg player and content creator on YouTube.
  • In this article you will get all information about Jonathon and gaming setup
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The pubg mobile has the fastest growing community of gamers and therefore content creation within the Pubg Mobile has increased rapidly over the past two years.
Jonathon is one of the popular and best player of pubg mobile in India.

He is known for his hacker-like game

playing in pub. Jonathon is also famous for the cluthes in pubg mobile.

Jonathon Biography

Jonathon’s real name is Jonathon Amaral and he is 19 years old in 2022.
The place of birth and residence is Mumbai. He belongs to a Christian family.

Last year he passed his 12th exam. Jonathon’s best friends are Scout, Zdog, Kronen, etc.

Jonathon uses iPhone XR to play Pubg on mobile.

Jonathon Pubg Mobile ID and Game Name

jonathon pubg ID

Jonathon’s pubg mobile id is 5112616229 and his in-game name is


Jonathon Income and wealth

Jonathon’s main source of income is YouTube and
Pubg Mobile.

He earns $68 per Pubg match. The average monthly income of Jonathon is about $2.7 lakh Rs.

Jonathon’s annual income is about $28k (about 20 lakh Rs.). Jonathon’s net worth in 2022 is $33K (25+ lakh Rs.).

Why is jonathon popular?

Jonathon in particular is popular for pubg mobile’s hacker-like gameplay, but he doesn’t use hack scripts in his gameplay. He uses
2 finger claw setting and plays like a six-finger gyro that’s always on.

Jonathon trophies and achievements

He becomes more popular in India as Jonathon and his team de PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia 2019 and the PUBG Mobile India Series 2022.

TSM Entity also achieved 2nd position in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2022: South Asia Finals 2022. He gets 27 kills in the PMIS final and insured damage of 4460.

In addition, Winner of PMCO in 2022 and PMIS winner of 2022.

Jonathon Pubg Stats and K/D

jonathon stats season 5

Jonathon will play pubg from season 2 in Asia server. The clan name is TSM Entity and he is the leader of that clan.

He had the highest 14.07 K/D (kills per death ratio) in Season 5. The highest level he achieved is Conquerer, the highest level also in Pubg Mobile.

The average damage is about 1000+ with a 40% win ratio in the game all season.

Here are his stats for season 13:

jonathon season 13 stats

Jonathon shakes with two-finger claw setup

He uses 2 finger claw setup† Here’s a Handycam video of Jonathon shaking with a 2 finger claw.

Jonathon YouTube Channel

Jonathon uploads and streams pubg mobile gameplay on YouTube. He has about 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and together more than 90 million views.

Click here to go to his YouTube channel.

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