Everything about Erangle map in pubg new state –

If you’re familiar with PUBGM, you might know how popular the Erangle is. Likewise, in the new state of Pubg, most players prefer to play on the Erangle map because of its good qualities.

The Erangle map has many safe and hot drop locations suitable for both compers and rusher. Furthermore, the area is 8×8 KM, where 100 players land in one battle.

In addition, players don’t get any Match-Making problems in Erangle because the card is always in high demand.

Here players only have to wait less than 5 seconds for the match process.

The map has 23 locations where players can travel for loot and kills, and here they are:

Places Places Places
shooting range pochinki Sosnovka
Zharki Novorepnoye Primorsk
georgopollo Ferry Pier mylta
Yasnaya Polyana Farm quarry
Lipovka Mylta Power Jail
Rozhok Hospital walks
serverny School Mansion
Stalber Kameshki

Some questions related to the erangle card in pubg new condition.

1. What is the best vehicle on the Erangle map?

Pubg’s new state player can drive different types of vehicles in land and water within the erangle.

Players can get vehicles like Buggy (2 seats), UAZ (4 seats), Motorcycle (2 seats), Threewheel motorcycle (3 seats), Dacia (4 seats), PG-117 boat (4 seats) and Aquarium boat (2 seats) .

However, out of all vehicles, most players prefer to travel on UAZ (Close top), Dacia, Buggy because of their best speed and hit point.

2. What is an Erangle card’s best weapon?

Players can get different AR, Snipers, Shotgun and Pistols in Erangle.

But the most popular weapon in Pubg’s new Erangle map is Groza, AUG, AKM, M762, AWM, M24, M416, DP-28, and MK14. But the weapons like Groza, AUG, AWM and MK14 are only in airdrops.

In addition, the PMNS (Sniper) is a king of weapons in the new state that you can get in Erangle. It deals more damage and it can destroy the lv3 helmet in one go.

3. What are the most popular places in the pubg new state Erangle map?

The hot drop places of Erangle are Pachinko, Novorepnoye, Georgopol, Sosnovla military base Rozak, School, Mylta Power.

This is the most dangerous zone where at least 15 enemy countries land. So if you are a pro you can get more kills with this hot drop.

4. Is the Erangle Card Best for Conquerors?

Yes, the Erangle is the best map in pubg new condition to push the conqueror.

The map has many areas where the player can camp safely to gain pluses by surviving.

5. Is Erangle best to upgrade KD to a new state?

The answer is that it depends on the player. If you have good skills you will get a lot of kills from the hot drop to keep the KD ratio.

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 8:42 pm

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