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Everything is new in this season of the game. With Update 1.5, Pubg’s mobile cycle season has added many new standout things, such as new maps, innovative gameplay, a new royale pass, and a new rank system.

The game changed the ranking system and added some new levels.

And the latest ranking system introduced by the Pubg mobile is a confusing topic. Right?

That is why we will discuss it in detail.

Old Ranking System VS New Cycle Ranking System in Pubg Mobile

For the PUBGM bike season, there were a total of 8 tires. And they are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace and conqueror.

But after the update, Pubg mobile brought new tires, rewards and changed the ranking system. You will also see attractive logos in each ranking.

Here is the Pubg mobile season tier and its rewards.

Pubg mobile cycle season layer and its rewards.
Low Rewards
Bronze (VI) 120 AG, 10 coupons from suppliers
200 silver
Silver (VI) 180 AG, 15 coupons
400 silver
Gold (VI) 245 AG, 20 coupons
600 silver
Platinum(VI) 305 AG, 25 coupons
800 silver
Diamond (VI) 370 AG, 10 Classic Coupon
1000 silver
Crown (VI) 430 AG, 20 Classic Coupon
name tag
1300 silver
ACE Name tag, title
1600 silver
ace master Name tag, title
1600 silver
Ace Dominator Name tag, title
1600 silver
Conqueror Name tag, title
2000 silver

How many points are needed to achieve in each band in Pubg’s mobile cycle season?

Here is the table of the points needed to achieve in each band of Pubg Mobile Cycle Season 1:

Band Points
Silver 1700
Gold 2200
Platinum 2700
Diamond 3200
Crown 3700
Ace 4200
Pubg mobile Cycling season

Bronze: 1000 points are needed. And you don’t have to play matches because it’s a standard band.

ACE master: It’s the new band in the game. And to reach the ace master you need 4700 points in Pubg mobile. But according to the old rating system you need 5 stars.

ACE Dominator: It’s another new band in the PUBGM and you need 5200 points to become a Dominator. And require 10 stars according to the old rating system.

Conqueror: In the new cycle season of Pubg mobile, you need 4200 points to reach the Conqueror rank.

Now you think why Ace Dominator and Ace Master need more points than Conqueror band?

Yes, you only need 4200 points for the conqueror, but you should be in the top 500 on every mode and server.

And if you are late, you have to earn more points than dominator and master in the cycle season.

So the conqueror is a top and competitive rank in the new season as it used to be.

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 9:33 am

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