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GameXpro is the first Pubg Mobile Player to create gaming content for YouTube. He joined YouTube on July 9, 2018, and the gamer’s hard work brought him up to 4 million subscribers. He started his career as a YouTube content creator by streaming, but later he stopped streaming and started uploading Gameplay videos with a voiceover.

In this article, we are going to learn about GameXpro Biography including GameXpro real name, GameXpro Pubg ID, GameXpro stats, GameXpro Net Worth, GameXpro Religion, GameXpro Country, GameXpro IGN and many more.

GameXpro Biography: Stats, KD, Pubg ID, Real Name, Pubg Name

GameXpro Biography

GameXpro Biography

The GameXpro’s real name is Ravi Rawat, who belongs to Uttarakhand, India, but he lives in Chandigarh, where he creates content for YouTube.

GameXpro is the most popular and trendsetting Gaming Content creator that Pubg mobile play and upload content with voice over.

After watching GameXpro, many YouTubers started copying the same strategies to create game content.

GameXpro plays Pubg Mobile on iPad, but recently started playing on mobile phones.

GameXPro Wiki

Real name Ravi Rawat
Age 22 years (not confirmed)
Pubg ID 5397003232
Girlfriend Not available
Country India
Pubg IGN B乛LaC丨Łegit

Real name GameXpro

GameXpro Real name is Ravi Rawat.

GameXpro Pubg ID

GameXpro Pubg ID is 5397003232.

GameXpro device name

GameXpro plays on iPad most popular brand for Pubg Mobile Game Play. Checkout iPad Air 64GB

Headphones/Earphones: Mi Earphones

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GameXpro in game name

GameXpro’s in-game name is “B乛LaC丨Łegit”.

GameXpro Seasonal KD

Available soon.

GameXpro Girlfriend

Available soon…

GameXpro Land

GameXpro is an Indian YouTuber.

GameXpro Age

Available soon…

GameXpro YouTube Channel

GameXpro YouTube Channel Link: GameXpro

GameXpro Instagram

GameXpro Instagram Link: GameXpro

GameXpro Background Music Download Link

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GameXpro Question and Answer

Who is GameXpro?

GameXpro is a popular Gaming YouTube channel. GameXpro is not a person, it is the name of a YouTube channel run by Ravi Rawat.

Where does GameXpro come from?

GameXpro is actually from Uttarakhand which is a state of India but it stays in the most popular city of Chandigarh, India.

What is GameXpro’s Pubg ID?

GameXpro Pubg ID is 5397003232.

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