How can you get high points on cheer park of PUBG mobile? –

This blog is about the tips to get high points on the shooting range from cheerpark in PUBG mobile.

In update 1.18.0, PUBG mobile introduced a cheerpark shooting range area. But before the update, the players went to the training ground to improve their skills and aim.

The cheer park facilities are;

  • You can get all kinds of weapons with endless ammunition to improve the aiming and skills of weapons.
  • Moreover, you can use any vehicle in the cheer park to drive smoothly.
  • In addition, you can have a conversation with many unknown players and challenge them to the arena or outpost.

Most players enjoy going to the cheer park room for a variety of reasons such as;

  • To upgrade their driving and weapon skills with unlimited fun.
  • To get a coupon for a daily supply crate for free.
  • Also to mark their name at the top of the record board.

You can get high points on PUBG mobile cheer park by;

1. Select the best weapon and attachment.

To get more scores on the cheer park, you have to select the best weapon and suitable attachment.
That’s why I suggest you get a pair of M416, and it’s a suitable attachment.
Because the M416 is easy to use and has adjustable recoil.

So this is the best selection of accessories for the M416 to put your name on the top of the cheer park shooting range;

Appendix Goals
6X range Best for
zoom out.
Vertical front handle Best for
long distance.
Tactical Stock Control kickback
without ADS coverage
quick draw mag
High ammunition capacity.
Fast reload.
End of a loop
Best for;
Long and short distance
Best M416 attachments.

2. Aim for the head

How can you get high points on cheer park from PUBG mobile?
You should aim your target at the top head (5).

As you know, the headshot rewards more damage in the classic matches.
Likewise, in the cheer park training ground, you have to aim the head at more points.
Because if you do, you will not only get a high score, but you can also easily save time.

3. Sensitive fire

The player misses the bullet and the time which cannot control the movement of his weapon while firing.
Therefore, you need to be able to control your recoil in order to aim accurately. And you can balance your recoil through sensitive fire.
So, before your time starts, be ready by being sensitive with a precise weapon target.

4. Practice makes a man perfect.

You won’t do the best on your first chance.
So you must try for my time to get high score in cheer park shooting range.

That’s why you need to keep practicing to master your movement and weapon.
Don’t worry, if you lose in the cheer park, you won’t miss out on your rank position.

5. Save time

To get the highest points on the PUBG mobile cheerpark room, you need to manage your time.
You get 60 seconds, so the best ways to save time are;

  • Don’t miss your target
  • You get unlimited ammo, so don’t reload your weapon until it’s empty.
  • Focus on the head for more points in less time.

6. Use the best place

In the cheer park area you will see many players who come to train there. So you are disturbed by the crowds. Because of this you don’t get the chance to shoot accurately.
Therefore, you should go to the best place, such as the desk of a rifle scope that is in front of you.

7. Best Control and Sensitivity

To get the best results, focus on your game sensitivity setting.
So your game sensitivity should be smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum score on the cheer park shooting range?

The maximum points on the cheer park is 100. But keep aiming more to get your name in the top list.

  • Is it possible to get a grenade in Cheer Park?

No, you can’t get a grenade in the Cheer Park. But when you enter the training ground, you will get plenty of grenades.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 1:54 am

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