gyroscope in pubg controls to improve aiming for the game 2021

gyroscope in pubg control to better aim for the 2021 game

gyroscope in pubg control to better aim for the 2021 game

gyroscope in pubg: How it works Open the game and go to the Settings menu on the home screen at the bottom left. Turn on the gyroscope in the basic menu. It is recommended that you jump onto the training ground now to find out which sensitivity best suits your game.


players can adjust the settings and try to turn on the mobile’s gyroscope while playing the game.

pubg gyroscope

To get better at this game, Gyroscope becomes the new meta. We usually copy other players’ sensitivity settings and suffer from weird movements and inaccurate sprays. Better to make your own sensitivity to match your muscle memory and reflexes. Here’s a guide to setting up your own Gyro settings.

Before we get to the tutorial, here are some basic terminologies related to PUBG Mobile Aim Mechanism and Gyro Controls:

ADS Sensitivity: It determines how far you have to drag your fingers to control recoil when firing.
Camera: It affects the scope’s movement speed after inspecting.
Gyroscope: This determines how far you need to tilt your device to control recoil without dragging your fingers.

Gyroscope in PUBG helps the mobile players with sideways and upward movements without using the thumb or fingers to manually move the player on the screen. So the game uses the gyroscope sensor, which optimizes the screen orientation with the physical movement of the mobile.

Hence, it helps in controlling weapons recoil and taking better aim, but despite being easy to learn, it is difficult to master the gyroscope in PUBG Mobile. Here are the points on how a player can use, optimize and master the gyroscope:

To step

Activate gyroscope in settings and adjust sensitivity

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