Here is how can you increase your KD ratio in pubg mobile game quickly? –

Here you will find the best way to increase KD ratio in Pubg mobile.

PUBG mobile is a famous online game where the player can play the match with a team or solo.

Every player plays PUBG mobile for entertainment purposes. And to become a master of the game by push their rank to the highest level.
But another thing that PUBG player wishes is that they want to make more KD.

So this blog is all about the best way to increase PUBG mobile KD ratio.

But first let’s know, what is the KD ratio in PUBG?
The KD in the pubg means kills per death, and your KD is calculated by your chicken dinner and kills.
For example, if you kill 2 enemies in each match, your KD will remain at 2.00.

Today you will get the best tips to upgrade your KD in pubg mobile.

Does KD Matter on Pubg?

The answer is: Yes (for some players)
The KD is useful for increasing the reputation of your PUBG ID. When other players visit your profile, they will look at your KD first. And only then will they judge your accuracy, Avg. damage, Head, Revive time.

This means that if you have more KD, you are considered a pro PUBG player.

Here is the best tip to quickly increase your KD ratio in pubg mobile.

In most cases, the PUBG maps can help u to raise your KD position.

On some maps you can easily get a higher number of kills.

So I recommend you to play the Pubg Livik card to quickly increase your KD ratio.

Livik card is best to increase your KD fast
Livik map is best to increase your KD fast

The LIVIK is the best card because;

As we know, Livik is the smallest map in PUBG mobile. And in the narrow map, you can easily find your enemy to kill them. Further, Chicken dinner is important to increase the KD ratio. That’s why the Livik card is the best card to eat chicken in less time when you have a good team with you.

In this little living map you can get enough loot. You will find powerful weapons like FAMAS, M762 and snipers. Also, you get enough attachment to kill a long range enemy without recoil. So go to Livik and keep your K/D ratio at 3.50.

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The Livik map is the best for getting high kills as you get at least 2 bots in every match. You can also easily kill your real enemy by using the best loot. The best place in Livik to get more bots for increasing KD are;

Midtstein (warm drops)
warm spring
Power plant (Hot drop).

You will be given different types of objects to take cover on the LIVIK map. There you will find for example roks, trees and empire to hide from enemies. Kill your enemies stealthily and quickly improve your KD ratio in the PUBG mobile.

Is solo vs squad match best to increase KD ratio?

‘Solo vs squad’ means you play lonesome with the enemy squad on the battlefield of Pubg. The other will suggest you play ‘solo vs squad’ for more KD. Yes, it is a good idea to keep the KD ratio in Pubg mobile.

But, but, but are you a professional player? Are you good at aiming and the best fighting skills? Can you fight alone with the enemy team?
If you have all these qualities then the solo vs squad choice is a good one. Otherwise you will lose instead of increasing KD. Just play on the LIVIK map which is the best choice for both beginners and professionals. I’m not saying don’t play solo vs squad – you can play if you’re skilled enough – It’s my personal experience.

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Updated: March 22, 2022 — 6:35 am

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