World Highest Level Player in PUBG Mobile

Hi everyone, welcome back with another post. In this post, I am going to tell you about the top level player in PUBG Mobile from around the world. As you know, PUBG mobile is one of the most loved and fastest growing games. This game was launched in 2018 and has more than 1 billion downloads so far. This game is owned by Tencent, a Chinese gaming company and was officially released in 2018.

What is the highest level in PUBG

Now let’s see who is the highest level player in the world in PUBG. In this game, the highest level is 100 and there are only one or two players who have reached 100 levels because it is not easy to reach the maximum level, for that you have to spend about 4 years in this battle royale game.

PUBG Top Level Mobile Player

Top Level Player in PUBG Mobile

Now let’s take a look at the 100 level player and top level player in PUBG Mobile. His PUBG ID name is هأأدي. His name is Hadi and he is from Saudi Arabia.

Hadi is the first player to reach maximum levels (100) in PUBG Mobile from all over the world and the second player has 97 levels. Hadi reached 100 levels in January 2022.

The clan name of his PUBG Mobile is HP1. He is the leader of that clan. There are about 50 members in that clan and the clan’s flag is Saudi Arabia.

Top Level Player PUBG ID: هأأدي

Top level player’s PUBG ID number: 541907793

100 Level Player in PUBG Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the highest Lcvel player in the world in PUBG Mobile?

Hadi is a top level PUBG player from around the world.

How to quickly reach 100 levels in PUBG Mobile?

Play as much as possible in war mode and use EXP cards to get double points to reach maximum level quickly.

Is there a player who has more than 100 levels?

Yet there is only one player who has reached level 100 in PUBG Mobile.

What do I get after reaching 100 levels in PUBG Mobile?

You get a new title called “Maxed Out” and it’s an epic blue color title.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 12:11 pm

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