How can you get more royale adventure suppliers on PUBG mobile? –

Let’s talk about the best way to earn more PUBG mobile royale adventure providers.

PUBG mobile is the battle royale esports loved by millions of players around the world.

The game does not forget to add new features in every update. Therefore, in each new season, the player gets new surprises full of fun.

Likewise, in the new update, PUBG mobile has added another feature in “royal pass” known as adventure royale.

In the royale adventure, the player gets suppliers, with mythical objects Like it a premium crateclothing, gun skins and much more.

Here’s the question,
What to do to collect more suppliers in the royale adventure?

The blog is here to give you tips to earn more generous adventure points on PUBG mobile.

This is the best way to get more suppliers on PUBG mobile adventure royale.

  • Go to royal pass.
  • Go to adventure royale.
  • Click to get started.
  • Play and earn suppliers.

But the problem is, you can’t earn more suppliers with that method.

But don’t worry, here are the tips and tricks to reach the higher station of Royale Adventure.

  1. Hold more RP budgets

You need a budget of 6 RP to play Royale Adventure. But your RP budget requirement will increase with each subsequent trial.
And your chance to get to the next station of royale adventure if you spin a lot.

Therefore, keep enough RP budget for more suppliers. Don’t play the royale adventure right away, you will get a minimum RP budget (6).

And to earn more RP budget, you need to upgrade, redeem your Royale Pass rank RP points.

  1. Do not use the free advance immediately.

You will be offered to spin the royale adventure draw for free. But you shouldn’t use that free advance to get more suppliers. Because if you win 0 on the free spin, you only get one supplier. So trying a free offer can be a bit risky for you. Instead, you should use the RP budget for the spin, but only if you have enough.

About royal adventure

After starting a royale adventure, you will reach the random station. A certain number of suppliers are given as a reward at each station of Royale Adventure in the PUBG. You have to go along the path to the station to collect more suppliers.

After you reach the Royale adventure station, you can choose to collect the reward to continue. As you proceed, a random outcome will be announced. So if you succeed, move one station further. But if you fail, you will trigger different results based on the event trigger.

When you collect a generous adventure reward, you immediately get all the suppliers you have earned at that time. In addition, the current round of the adventure ends and you start the next adventure from the beginning.

In the second station for Royale Adventure, you get 14 suppliers, 38 suppliers in the third station, 95 suppliers in the fourth station, 10 suppliers in the fifth station and 316 suppliers in the last.

The probability of a successful adventure is 20% and the probability of failure is 80%.
Therefore, spend your RP budget wisely to get more generous adventure rewards.

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