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Here we will discuss how to change your region/country in Pubg mobile. You can switch to any region like USA, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, whatever.

As you know, Pubg mobile is one of the popular online BR games for this generation for some reason.

Firstly, the game regularly brings new updates and content for the players. Second, the game is easy to learn and play. Players pick varieties of items based on their choice.

Moreover, the best part of this game is that players can choose their region and flag.

The game has many countries and flags – almost all countries. So players get lucky to put their country flag in their profile for identity.

Sometimes the game offers features and events according to the region. For example, the bonus challenge event may take place in one region but not another. Therefore, to get such benefits, players want to switch regions.

How do I change region/country in Pubg mobile?

Step 1:- Go to the play store and download the best VPN. I recommend you to take turbo VPN because this app has many country options that you can select for free.
Step 2:- Now open the Turbo app on your device and tap on the country option at the top right.

|Step 3:- Select the country/region you want to switch to in Pubg mobile.

How do I change region/country in Pubg mobile?

|Step 4:- Tap OK and wait for the VPN to progress.

Step 5:- Now start Pubg mobile and go to the settings section.
Step 6:- You will see the option to change your country and tap OK to change it.

But one thing to remember: – After you change the country in Pubg mobile, you have to wait 60 days to switch again.

If you change regions again after 60 days, you will be given the opportunity to change regions after 180 days.

Some related questions

  1. Can I change region/country in Pubg mobile within 60 days?

The short answer is NO. There is no legal way to turn the region into PUBGM within two months. So wait until that time to move your game to another region.

  1. How do you change the flag in the Pubg mobile profile?

Step 1: Tap your profile
|Step 2: Tap Profile Settings
Step 3: Go to the flag section.
Step 4: Search for your country’s flag and select it to switch flags in the game.

  1. Can I change the flag in Pubg mobile within 60 days?

The short answer is NO. If you change your flag once, you will have the chance to change it again after two months (60 days).

Updated: March 12, 2022 — 8:02 pm

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