How To Create Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

Discover the function of the Custom Room and how to create or participate in such a place in PUBG Mobile! Try to follow the guide and don’t skip any step! Good luck!

Steps to Generate a Custom Space in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Custom Room Settings is one of the most interesting topics that we would like to introduce to you.

PUBG Mobile is a successful survival game with millions of downloads daily. It often releases new and exciting features. Adapted room is in between.

What is PUBG Mobile Custom Room?

Rooms in PUBG mobile game will be chosen to host custom competitions in which participants who create the room can set the map, perspective and teams (duos/squads). Anyone with the room ID and password can enter the place without difficulty.

Room ID and Password

You can only be authorized to build Adapted rooms after purchasing the Elite Royale Pass or by joining a clan, level 2 or higher, or by following some other requirement. The Custom Room feature can actually be accessed after updating the PUBG Mobile Download game to version 0.6.0 and adding the Elite Royale Pass to your cart. Everything is explained below. Adapted rooms from PUBG Mobile will be produced by getting a room card through one of the upcoming methods, according to PUBG Mobile Support.

3 Ways to Form Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile

It is not complicated to go deeper into creating a custom room in PUBG Mobile. You can be an official partner of the game or through the Room Card. Here are all the instructions to do that!

  1. Be the owner of Elite Pass

By purchasing the Elite Pass 600UC) or Elite Pass (1800UC), you can create Custom Rooms in a limited time. Once you reach level 11 you will receive a map that can be used to approach PUBG Mobile Settings for Custom Rooms that you expect. Please note that the card is valid for 3 days! If you get another one at level 56, it can last for a week. You can reach the mentioned level by completing daily and weekly missions of the pass.

  • At level 14 you have a Room Card: 1-Day.
  • At level 37 you get a Room Card: 3-Day.
  • At level 85 you get a room card: 7 days.

In particular, you can form an infinite number of rooms until the length of the room card expires.

Be the owner of Elite Pass
  1. Select clan points

Many people who want to learn PUBG Mobile Custom Room to join will not pay attention to it. However, you can collect these scores by participating in a group and achieving the assigned goals. The point allows you to unlock certain rewards. You can get a room card with 300 clan points, which is only available once to frame a unique room.

  1. Approved or together with PUBG Mobile

If you are a famous character or a popular streamer in the community, you can directly get the commission or permission from PUBG Corp to build Adapted Rooms PUBG Mobile† To get authorized, you can go to Basic Settings and Customer Service to capture PUBG Mobile Custom Room Tips.

You start a new conversation and give a few strong reasons that need confirmation. Note: it is not reserved for everyone. As part of the system PUBG Content Creator is convenient for you to take possession of many privileges, incentives, including the right to create custom rooms.

How to Create a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

Are you willing to share every tutorial you’ve ever seen with your friends? PUBG Mobile Online play promises to provide a more convenient experience than the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds† Get ready to jump into your Custom Rooms and meet up with friends now!

Have fun!

Updated: March 25, 2022 — 11:08 pm

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