How to drive better in Pubg mobile

Today I will introduce you to the driving skills of vehicles. First we need to know which vehicles are in the game. There are four basic types of vehicles in the game. They are buggy, motorcycle, sedan and off road.

Let’s know about them.

Two-wheeled motorcycle : ⭐⭐⭐


The two-wheeled motorcycle is difficult to control and you have to keep its head and tail under control when driving on uneven roads.
So it is not recommended for beginners. The motorcycle can be used when moving quickly to a safe area. In vikendi there are different types of snowmobiles except for less friction. They are the same as motorcycles.

Motorcycle with sidecar Scooter and Tukshai : ⭐⭐

Here I have put together a motorcycle with sidecar, Sanhok exclusive scooter and Tukshai because these three types are difficult to control. Especially for Scooter and Tukshai. The speed and health point are both lower, while without cover you will be shot down by enemies at the same time. and motorcycle with sidecar can be tilted most easily in Pubg mobile.
So I recommend you to use these vehicles. only if you are far away from the poison circle and there are no other vehicles.

buggy :


With two professions, Buggy is powerful to drive up slopes and is also capable of chasing vehicles and moving to the safe zone. But Buggy always slips. So you have to shoot the left front wheel before driving then it will stop skidding.

Saloon/Dacia :

The Sedan is a four-seater vehicle, which is fast and covered. Everyone in the car can shoot except the driver. Sedans are best suited for road driving. It rolls over easily if you are on a hill or in an uneven place. Remember to stop the nitrogen gear before going uphill or else it will be easy to roll over. Mirado takes on the role of Dacia 1300. Mirado has a high speed but very poor off-road capabilities.

Off Road/UAZ :

UAZ is a four-seater vehicle suitable for driving in different terrains and situations. It is the easiest to drive vehicle in Pubg mobile. Anyone in the car can shoot except the driver, it is suitable for chasing enemies. However, the fuel consumption is high, so you should pay attention to the remaining fuel while driving. In Miramar, Pickup takes over the role of UAZ, so the best vehicle in Miramar is the Pickup.

Minibus :


The minibus is exclusive to Miramar because of its large volume and slow speed and it is easy to be a target. But at the same time it has great health point if there is no other bunker, you can choose Minibus as bunker. You can also dive into it to move, but don’t drive it if there are a lot of enemies around, no matter how stable it is, if it’s being attacked by many enemies at once. it is easy to explore.

SnowBike :


Snowbike is exclusive to Vikendi, with decent speed it is easy to ride. It copes quite well with the Vikendi environment, but it has one major drawback. It has a very low point, so the priority is lower than the Sedan and Zima.

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 12:52 pm

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