How to generate free BC in pubg mobile lite?

How to generate free BC in pubg mobile lite?

How to generate free BC in pubg mobile lite

Hi friends, if you also play pubg mobile lite game then you would also like to get bc for free. To solve this problem of yours, in today’s article we will tell you how to get Bc for free. I sincerely hope you get a lot of BC in pubg mobile lite for free.

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PUBG mobile lite free BC coins

If there is pubg mobile lite player then he would like he also have a lot of BC and he can buy different kinds of good clothes, gun skin in pubg mobile lite but if they have less BC they will get BC for free. Follow our tips for this.

Bttle coin price – How to generate free BC in pubg mobile lite

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PUBG mobile lite free BC trick


In PUBG Mobile Lite, we can get up to 5 free BC daily, player can easily get free BC by watching some ads.

Steps to get free bc by watching videos in pubg mobile lite

1) First of all, players have to click on the Daily Mission option in pubg mobile lite.

2) After that the players will scroll to see the mission and while scrolling you will see the option to watch video, now you have to watch the video ad by clicking on that option, this will give you free BC.

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2) Sports tournament

The next way to get free bc in pubg mobile lite is through sports tournaments. If you are a good player you can get free BC through sports tournaments in pubg mobile lite. To get BC for free, all you need to do is participate in PUBG Mobile Lite game tournaments.

How to generate free BC in pubg mobile lite

hack pubg mobile lite bc?

BC can’t be hacked in pubg mobile lite, don’t try to hack BC in this game. It’s not possible at all.

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Updated: March 17, 2022 — 11:28 am

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