How to get a Free new Poseidon X-suit in Pubg mobile\BGMI? –

Finally, the Pubg mobile brought a new x-suit called Poseidon for free and through UC in the ‘return of the Poseidon’ event. From this last event you can unlock many mythical outfits, skins and emoticons avatar frames.

You also get star fragments and Starforce stone for the royal Poseidon x-suit (Lost civilization Reapers). In this PUBGM return of Poseidon event you will get the top 5 legendary mythical outfits.

Under five, however, you can only upgrade the Poseidon X-suit (King of the Sea) with Star Fragment and Starforge Stone you get from the lucky spin.

So, before we know how to unlock mythical outfits from the “return of the Poseidon event,” let’s briefly discuss each reward.

Rewards in the Return of the Poseidon event:
(L) Poseidon X-suit, get chance is 0.94%.
(II) The probability of getting Poseidon’s Lronguard set is 0.83%
(III) The chance of unlocking Poseidon’s Herald Set, Lumos Daemon Set, Lunar Witch Set is also 0.83%

Skins in exchange for the Poseidon event:
(L) The probability of getting Poseidon parachute skin and backpack skin is 2.19%.
(II) And you can unlock seafaring kitty ornament and squid squad (Grenade skin) with a chance of 9.18%.

HD photo of new Poseidon X suit

Emotes in exchange for the Poseidon event:
(L) You can get Scepts of Thunder with a probability of 15.67%.
(II) And the chance of unlocking Mad Shark is 9.40%.

Avatar Frame in exchange for the Poseidon event:
(L) The chance of getting the Poseidon avatar Frame in Pubg mobile\BGMI is 15.61%.

Pubg mobile\BGMI X-suit upgrade materials :
(L) You can unlock Star Fragment and Star Rock with a chance of 3.13% and 3.21% respectively.

Information from Spin for the new Poseidon X-suit (King of the ocean)

There are 5 types of crates in exchange for the Poseidon event, which are:

5 types of crates in exchange for the Poseidon event.
  • Poseidon X-suit crate
  • crate of Poseidon iron protection set
  • moon witch set
  • Poseidon’s herald set crate
  • Lumos Daemon set’s crate

And of all the crates, the Poisedon X suit is the best box to unlock the mythical items from the return of the Poseidon event in Pubg mobile and battlefield mobile India.

And from the other crates you get forever upgradeable mythical outfits and other skins. But the outcome of the spin is random and depends on your luck.

(L) For Spin once, it cost 300 silver. And you can only try 5 times.
(II) You can use a one time spin that spends 60 UC. You can try endlessly.
(III) For a 10 turn, it cost 600 UC for endless time.

Tips to unlock the new Poseidon X suit with high probability for free in Pubg mobile\BGMI

How to get a free new Poseidon X suit in Pubg mobile?

This tip is best if you don’t have UC to spend but want to get a Poseidon X suit for free. But you have to use some silver fragments. Your reward will depend on your luck and trial, so spin continuously until 5th chance. If you’re spinning your silver or UC to get the new X-suit, don’t skip it until you don’t try 5 times. Because at the fifth chance there is a high chance to get mythical skins and X-suit from the Poseidon X-suit crate in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

How do I get a free new Poseidon X suit in BGMI?

If you want to get the new Poseidon X suit at any cost, you can buy it with the Poseidon Coin. It takes 1000 Poseidon coins to get X-suit instantly. Yes, 1000 coins is too much. But don’t worry, the chances of getting those coins out of the chest are higher than with other items. So spend your UC on the spin, collect 1000 Poseidon coins and get your favorite X suit.

How can I upgrade X-suit in Pubg mobile\BGMI?

Star Fragments and Star Forging Stones are required to upgrade the X-suit

To upgrade the Poseidon X suit in PUBGM\BGMI, each star requires Star Fragments and Star Forges.

Star Required Effect of upgrade
1 To gain normal
2 3 star wrought stone
and 100 star fragments
Interaction with teammates
3 5 star forging stone
and 160 star fragments
Advance form
4 7-star wrought stone
and 230 star fragments
Victory broadcast
5 9 star wrought stone
and 310 star fragments
Supply and awe
6 15-star wrought stone
and 500 star fragments
final shape

So it requires a lot of UC to upgrade the X-suit. According to the calculation, you need more than 40K UC to make the Poseidon X-suit 6 star in Pubg mobile.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 1:46 pm

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