How to get a mythic fashion title in Pubg mobile\BGMI with less UC? –

Sometimes boasting is also the best way to draw others to you. So it is necessary to unlock mythical fashion title in Pubg mobile\BGMI to prove that you are rich player.

To get the mythical fashion, you need to collect 50 ‘mythical’ outfits in Pubg mobile\BGMI. But remember, only ‘mythical’, not legendary.

But you know that the mythical costume is rare, and you have to spend a lot of UC to unlock them. So one question, is there a cheap way to get 50 mythical outfits? Yes, let’s discuss.

How to get mythical fashion title in Pubg mobile\BGMI?

Many types of crates require UC to open them. So if you have money to spend on UC, you can get mythical fashion faster than you might expect.

This title is all about paying UC and unlocking 50 mythical costumes ASAP.

However, if you don’t have the money to buy outfits with UC in Pubg mobile\BGMI, here are free and cheap ways to get the fashion title.

From elite pass

Before the 1.4 updates, you could upgrade the royale pass in 2 months. But after the update, you can get two royale passes within 2 months.

There is a great chance to get two mythical fashion outfits on every 50 RP ranks. So don’t miss to upgrade your elite pass. You know that the ‘elite pass’ is not expensive – it costs only 300 UC for a lifetime.

Open Premium Crate
Mythical outfit

If someone asks which crate is the best to get a mythical outfit, the answer is a premium crate. On the 5 crates you get the back item. And from 15 to 25 opening you can definitely unlock mythical outfits.

So the premium crate opening is the best idea to get mythical fashion title without UC in BGMI\PUBGM.

Grab outfits from RP crate

I hope you know all about the RP crates. It is a box of new and old mythical items. But the player who upgrades the elite pass gets an RP crate.

And if you’re lucky, you can unlock outfits for the mythical fashion in PUBGM.

Grab outfits from the classic chest.
Mythical fashion outfit in Pubg mobile

You can also open classic crates to gain mythical fashion achievements faster.

From this crate you can get five mythical outfits each time. However, it only has a 0.5% chance.

Therefore, you should open the classic care on the opportunity offer to increase the probability. The opportunity comes every now and then.

Are there any other ways?

Yes, if you have unlimited UC to spend, there are other ways to get a mythical fashion title in Pubg mobile\BGMI in less than five months.

You can get “mythical outfits” from these sources:

  1. Pubg lucky crate
  2. lucky spin
  3. Treasure Chest Lucky Spin
  4. Treasure chest gift pack

Frequently asked question

  • How many mythical outfits does it take to get a ‘mythic fashion avatar’?
Mythical fashion avatar in Pubg mobile

You need to unlock 20 mythical costumes to get the fashion avatar in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

  • How do you unlock a mythical name tag?
Mythic fashion name tag in Pubg mobile

To get a mythical name tag in BGMI\Pubg mobile, you need to unlock 300 mythical outfits.

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 7:27 am

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