This is How you can get a premium crate in Pubg mobile. –

You must know tips to get Pubg mobile premium crate for free because it is the surprise box with random but attractive items in it.

And you’ll get a more attractive reward in the chest during PUBGM’s special events and festivals.

As you know, the rewards in the premium crate are related to four different categories; Mythical, Legendary, Epic and Rare Items.

However, the chances of winning mythical and legendary items are much smaller than others.

But to get the rewards from that surprise box, you need to have an idea to collect more crates.

Here’s How To Get Free Premium Crate In Pubg Mobile

1. Performance method:

There are performance categories such as honor, glorious, movement, progress, social and general

And each category has many achievements and missions.
So if you complete each objective, you get more points.

After you collect more points by completing the achievements, you will automatically win a premium crate for free.


Furthermore, other achievements are directly related to the chest. For instance, kill 1000 enemies with a sniper rifle, kill 1000 enemies with a shotgun, open 100 royales pass elite crate, complete 1000 clan training, and much more.

So complete those objectives to collect more crates.

2. Treasure luck drawing method (secret and rare)

It cost 36 UC to try luck for the first time and 1080UC for the ten times and so on…
But that method is too expensive. Therefore, wait for the lucky draw of the seasonal treasure (new seasons, festivals).

get one more Pubg premium crate for free
focus on the edge (all sides) of the box of lucky draws

And in the lucky draw, you have to predict the secret location of the premium crate. And by focusing on the edge (all sides) of the box of lucky draws, you can increase your chances of getting the crate.

3. Silver Fragment Method:

what is premium coupon?
premium coupon

Silver Fragments are the best way to get free premium crates. Silver ones are like a coin of Pubg mobile used to buy outfits, skins. Furthermore, the silver fragment is used to buy premium crate coupons.

And premium coupons help to make a crate.

So, the price of one premium coupon is 20 silver fragments. And 10 coupon makes a 1 premium crate.

The meaning is that you can create one premium crate by using 200 silver fragments.

But you only get the chance to redeem five coupons with silver daily.
So don’t miss the chance to buy five coupons daily, if you want to get an extra Pubg premium crate for free.

How to buy a coupon with silver?
  • Tap shop
  • Tap redemption option
  • Scroll down and tap the premium crate coupon and buy it.
How to combine premium coupons?
Combine coupons
  • Tap inventory
  • Go to store box (last option)
  • Finally, tap on the premium crate coupon and combine it.

Frequently asked question

  • How long does it take to release a new premium crate?

It takes 20 days to arrive at another crate.

  • Is it possible to unlock the mythical items at the first chance?

It depends on your luck.

  • Is premium crate expensive?

Then if you want to spend your real money, it will cost some UC.

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 5:44 am

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