How to get more AG currency on PUBG mobile game?

There are different types of weapons, items and equipment in the PUBG mobile game. So you can buy those items with UC, Silver Fragments, and BP. Likewise, the PUBG mobile has another item known as AG currency.

AG is a kind of money in PUBG mobile that allows you to buy some items.

By using AG currency, you can buy some outfits and skins, and you can also open a vendor crate to get rewards.

This is the best way to get more PUBG mobile AG currency

1. of events

To collect more AG currency cards, you must always stay active in the game.

Check the event box every day for the new events, and if there is an event to complete, don’t miss it.

The weekly events are the best source to collect more AG in PUBG mobile.

2. From daily mission

get extra AG currency card in PUBG mobile every day.

Before Season 17, you could only get BP and XP from ‘Daily Missions’. But after the update, you will get AG as a reward for completing daily missions. That’s why you get a free AG currency card every day.

3. from cheer park

In the Cheerpark you have to invite your matching players. And complete the task together like exchange outfits, give popularity, to get free AG currency in PUBGM.

4From updates

When the game has released a new update, you will need to download an additional package for the update.

So in that time you will get more than 200 AG for free by updating PUBG mobile.

5. of performance

By completing those achievements, you can collect more than 1000 AG currencies in the PUBG mobile.

In PUBG mobile there are many achievements with specific items and rewards.

For example, get 50 times more than 75 points on the cheer park shooting range.

The’ achievements are the best source to earn free AG currency. By completing those achievements, you can collect more than 1000 AG currencies in the PUBG mobile.

6. From Royale pass

You can earn additional AG currency with the generous pass. When you upgrade ‘elite pass’ you must select UC or AG on each rank.

How to use AG currency?

  • Go to the store.
  • Tap the outfit option.
  • Scroll down and exchange your AG card for items.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 10:50 pm

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