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Hi BGMI players, we know you want to get titles in Pubg Mobile, so we are here to let you know all the major BGMI and PUBG MOBILE titles and how to get them? Titles can be obtained through events and completing missions. Many missions help you to complete other weapons. As we show titles what we have done in the BGMI as each title is achieved by completing the missions. It shows synergy, gameplay and many other types of messages. So let’s discuss the titles.

Getting Titles in BGMI or Pubg Mobile: Full List

There is a huge list of missions and to complete the mission you have to complete different types of tasks. So let’s start,

#1 How to get a Warehorse title?

Warehorse is one of the easiest and most straightforward to get to in PUBG Mobile. The player does have to grind a bit as it has a limitation to get two of the six Weapon Mastery titles in PUBG Mobile.

Easiest weapon mastery titles to obtain true horse title

  1. Assault Mastery V
  2. SMG Mastery V
  3. Pistol Mastery V

The easiest way to get this title is to get the Assault Mastery and Pistol Mastery titles, which require 2000 kills with ARs and 200 kills with Pistols, respectively. Both quests can be completed by playing regular matches in the game.

#2 How do I get the Finisher title in BGMI or Pubg Mobile?

Finisher title is very easy to get, to get the title you need to survive to the end in 3 classic matches and with less than 5 health remaining while being at gold level or above.

#3 How do I get the title of Overachiever in BGMI or Pubg Mobile?

When you start playing BGMI it takes time to be perfect just like missions and achievements also take time when you earn 2800 achievement points you get the title Overachiever.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 5:20 am

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