How to get UC with a discount for pubg mobile? Use amazon AppStore. –

The pubg mobile UC is much more expensive, no discount right?

Most players want to get unlimited UC to buy and upgrade their favorite items in pubg mobile.

Unfortunately you can’t get the UC for free, it’s valuable.

But yes, you can buy them cheap with your real money.

Yes, discount!
Most players are not aware of it.

There is the Amazon App Store, where you can download and buy all games and applications.
You can also buy your game currency at a greater discount using Amazon Coins.

What is an Amazon Coin?

It is the digital currency that is accepted to buy gaming stuff. But only you will get the offer if you download or buy your favorite apps from Amazon applications.

Does amazon application really discount UC purchases?

Yes, I upgraded my royal pass with the help of Amazon store for 9$. Also, I bought some UC at a lower price than the direct method.

So you can also use the Amazon App Store to earn money while buying UC.

Here is the price list from the UC;

Price UC Save price
$0.99 60 3%
4.99$ 325 5%
$9.99 660 10%
$24.99 1800 13%
$49.99 3850 15%
99.99$ 8100 18%

If you’re thinking of buying UC, don’t you think it’s the best resource to save you some money?

Steps to Buy PUBG Mobile UC with Discount on Amazon Appstore

Step 1. Download Amazon Store. And create an account.

Step 2. Install PUBG mobile from Amazon store.
Here you will only get the discount offer if you download the game from their store. Therefore, uninstall your game and install it again from the Amazon.

Step 3. Once you have downloaded your game, go to the purchase option. Now Amazon is giving you an offer to save your money while buying the UC for PUBG mobile.

Step 4. Log in to your Amazon accounts to purchase the UC.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 6:08 am

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