How to increase fps level in pubg mobile? Play without lag. –

I am getting low fps while playing the pubg mobile, can I increase the frame rate?

A common question from every player. Right?

Today, the gaming field is developing rapidly. Any game released on a different platform will ask for a higher system requirement. Games means online, offline, PC or mobile games.

And the playback device should match the game requirement to get better performance.


Delays and game crashes.

And the gameplay performance is measured in the frame rate per second (FPS)
the higher fps means the game runs smoothly without lag. Your device handles everything effortlessly.

Likewise, pubg mobile is also an online game that is in a trend. The game releases the latest updates with new features every season. And every new patch and update brings new question.


Today your pubg is running in high fps but in another update it will decrease.


A new feature is coming! Refurbished chart.

As a result, the pubg player with a low-end device gets upset. Because their device does not support them and interferes with their enjoyment.

Let’s say you have a low-end device.


If you spray up enemies and the enemy sprays you back, you will be killed in that situation. Though your bullet hit your enemy.

Why is this happening?

Because you play pubg on mobile at low fps while your opponent is in front of you with more fps.

Forget about getting chicken dinner in pubg mobile when you play on the decreasing frame rate per second (FPS).

That’s why today you get an idea to increase your fps in pubg mobile even on a device with 2GB and 3GB ram.

Here’s how to reduce lag and increase your fps level in pubg mobile.

If you play Pubgm on 2GB or 3BG ram, your game will not run at the best fps.
But here is the solution to solve the low fps problem in pubg mobile.

Just download the wolf game booster application on your device to get higher fps.

This app not only increases your fps level in Pubgm but also fixes the lags. It also optimizes pubg sound effect, shadow and graphics resolution to give you the best fps level.

Feature of wolf game booster.

  • If you play on the high graphics card, the app will help you play on the best ultra.
  • The player becomes extremely smooth playing at the ultra level.
  • The current player who plays at extreme can play at 90 fps after downloading the app.

After downloading the wolf game booster, choose the best setting for your device to get the best FPS in PUBGM.

Here is the app setting to take fps to a high level for pubg mobile.

For high to ultra
Solution 800*600 (SVGA)
Graphic Soft
Style Soft
FPS 40
Shadow Out
Sound quality Low

Don’t change other settings to get high fps while playing pubg.

For Ultra to Extreme
Solution 950*540 (qHD)
Graphic Soft
Style Soft
FPS 60
Shadow Off or, Low
Sound quality High

You get more than an ultra frame rate per second on PUBGM without changing any other settings.

For extreme up to 90 fps
Solution 1024*976(xGA)
Graphic Soft
Style Soft
FPS 90
Shadow Out
Sound quality Ultra

In this application you are given the opportunity to get 90 fps to 120 fps (frame rate) in pubg mobile but there is no guarantee that it will work. Because 120 fps is coming soon on pubg global version.

After you set all the settings, start your game from the wolf game booster Apk. Do not run the game from your home screen.

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