How to Join Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

How to join custom room in PUBG Mobile download game? The answer is easy to find here. There are only four steps to achieve the desired goal. Lots of fun!

The Best Ways to Join a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

We will show you the detailed definition reserved for the PUBG Mobile Custom Room in-game and the most useful tutorial to jump into that space for free.

What is a PUBG Mobile Custom Room?

A custom room you’ve ever seen in PUBG mobile game is a private place or custom server where only people who can play receive PUBG Mobile Custom Room ID and Password for that special playing field. If someone generates a custom room, it is immediately guarded by a secret phrase that the creator chooses. In addition, there will be 5 digit room IDs. They are not comparable for any room. Always keep in mind that no two room IDs can be the same!

PUBG Mobile Custom Room ID and Password

How to Join PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms

Entering the correct room ID and password will give you quick access to the modified room. Here are four easy steps that you will have no problem with when you start opening a custom room. Just follow the methods below and you can discover Custom Rooms as your preference!

  1. Tap the house icon
house icon

After you get to the home page of the game, you can find a small house icon on the left, below the mode selection menu. Tap that!

  1. Enter the room ID

You have completed the first tip of the current PUBG Mobile guide. Something will appear on the screen, along with a text area in the top left corner. Where you may be asked to enter the Room ID. Press the Enter button to continue!

With the Room ID provided to you by the roommaker (your friend, The Golden Pan) or a tournament organizer, you can set it.

  1. Enter room password

When you are done with step 2 for the techniques to connect to the interesting custom room in PUBG mobile game, a window will appear and you will need to set the room password. It will be provided by the owner along with the room ID. It is necessary that you remember both of them, otherwise you will not be able to access them.

  1. Participate in the slot assigned by the person organizing it

After entering correctly PUBG Mobile Custom Room ID and Password, you can distinguish something like the screenshot above. In a modified space of PUBG in mobile version, there will be a location for 100 joiners or 25 squads. The region may be called the team slot, e.g. Slot 1 = Team 1 or Slot 2 = Team 2. Therefore, if you are assigned Slot 3, double tap on the empty zone under the Team 3 heading.

Please note that you or any player in the PUBG Mobile game is strongly advised to only participate in the slot given to you and your teammates. If you step in the wrong step, the room manager will kick you out and you will have to reboot.

You have already read how to participate PUBG Custom Room† By the way, you can look up another post that revolves around “How to create a custom space in PUBG Mobile Free”† It is also very easy to search for “How to win matches in a modified room”. Don’t forget to visit our guides and choose what you like and share everything you have learned with your future companion! PUBG mobile is ready to be downloaded and played. Prepare for the next conflict and take over the leaderboard of your preference! Good luck!

Updated: March 25, 2022 — 9:36 am

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