How to Land Fast in PUBG MOBILE & BGMI (Tips and Tricks) Guide

Welcome guys! in this blog I will tell you how to land faster in Pubg mobile & BGMI. I’m sure most of you already know this, so I’ll also give you a few tips and tricks that you may not know about skydiving.

Mark the location

So the most used, or the only way to land faster, is to mark the location on your map. And wait till you’re near 800 meters and jump out of the plane. As soon as you jump out of the plane, immediately move your joystick to a angle of 135 degrees or 10 hours corner. And look down or aim all the way down by swiping your screen down.

If you do this right, you will reach a speed of 234 km/h, which is the fastest possible speed. And your drop location should be on your screen at the top left, if not, adjust your direction. When you reach 300 meters altitude, your parachute will automatically open on its own. When this happens, move your joystick from a 135 degrees angle to a 90 degrees corner.

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By the way, don’t let go of your finger from the joystick button. Removing your finger will slow down the sliding process if you are very close to the ground. Keep pressing the punch button, which will cancel the rolling animation. If you don’t hit the punch, you’re doing a front roll, which can be annoying at times, especially if you fall off the building.

This differs per card by the way

1) Erangle and Miramar will need you to jump to 750-850 meters.

2) Sanhokit’s the same but i would recommend to jump from 750-800 meters.

3) Livik card, you have to jump on 400-450 meters.

4) Karakin map it’s nearby 350 meters.

5) The arcade competitions, it’s round 350-400 meters.

So yes, these are the numbers to remember, which can come in handy if you want to land faster. And also this method requires a lot of learning, it may be difficult in the beginning but once you get used to this you will always land faster. I’m pretty sure almost every player knows about this quick landing method.

What should you do if your drop location is more than or less than 800 meters from the flight path?

Well, if your delivery location is nearby 1000 meters away, you can still do this method. First try to align your marker with the wing of the plane and when this happens jump out of the plane and drag your joystick up, or on a 90 degrees corner. And also drag your target up by swiping up on your screen to make sure you’re traveling in the right direction.

You can check that by opening your map or finding the marker at the top of your screen. Travel now until you reach 500 meters. By the way, use the free watch option or the eye button thing to watch out for the other players after reaching 500 meters. Drag your joystick to a 135 degrees obliquely and immediately downwards.

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Now you travel to 234 km/h speed until your parachute opens. This method only works until: 1200 meters, so for 1200 meter, same as the previous one, jump and look up and your joystick is up 90 degreesand travel like this until you’re done 75% from the distance. Now switch directly to the fast landing method when you cross the road 375 meters.

What should you do if your drop location is lower than 800 meters?

Once you are on top of your drop location. You need to circle around your drop location and make sure you get the 234 km/h speed constant until the parachute opens.

How far can we land from the plane path?

for about 1500 to 2000 meter, you can use this method. So it’s the same as I showed you before in 1000and 1200 meters, wait until your drop location is perpendicular to the plane path and immediately jump move your joystick straight up and look up, and you can thus travel up to 1400-1500 meters, and then your parachute will open, with a parachute you can travel up to 500 meters. so you can easily cover up to 2000 meters by landing like this.

How do you land more than 2000 meters away?

Well, for this it’s the same as before, when your drop location is perpendicular to the flat path. like Dan jumps out of the plane and immediately looks up and moves the joystick up too. Once you have the parachute option, press it and take your finger off the joystick and let it slide. And maybe after every 30 seconds move the joystick forward for a second and then let it stand.

If you think you’re not moving at all. So after about 3 minutes of skydiving, you will finally reach 2500 meters† So I tested this several times, the maximum distance you can travel from the plane path is very close to 3000 meters, but hitting 3000 every time is very difficult.

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I was only able to get 2900 once in 5 attempts, but I can guarantee that 2500 Meters are possible with this method. But it will take you 3 minutes to reach. Everything more than 3000 meters is not worth traveling by air, just find a vehicle and go to your drop location, that’s much easier and faster.

Tip to land faster

Here is a tip to land faster, always pay attention to your terrain, if you slide over a mountain or a hill it can affect your landing speed, remember that your parachute will open automatically when you 300 meter height.

For example, here I am floating on top of a hill, and my height is 16 meters, and as soon as I crossed the hill, my height started to increase. Suppose you hit 300 meters height if you pass a hill and your parachute opens earlier. But your height without the hill would be 500 meters. And once you cross the hill, your height will increase by 200 meter through which you go skydiving 200 extra meters so you land slower.

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So try to avoid traveling on top of the hills when your parachute is about to open on its own, this can be a big problem especially on a map like Karakin as every drop location is covered with mountains.

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