How to make more chicken medals in Pubg: new-state game? –

The Chicken Medal is a type of in-game currency. In the Pubg: Mint condition there are different types of crates and to open them it takes chicken medals.

Each of the ‘crates’ has its own price and the rewards inside are unique. So you know it’s an expensive way to open chests with NC.

But if you have a lot of CM coins in your inventory, you can buy and open the crates for free.

This is how you make more chicken medals in Pubg: new condition

1) Level up in rank

Chicken Medal in Pubg: New Condition

The player must increase his rank to get chicken medals. Here the new state of Pubg gives 1 Chicken Medal for free in Silver V, 2 in Gold V and 3 in Platinum V. In total you can earn 6 Chicken Medals by increasing your rank. Moving to Platinum V is not a big deal for you.

2) Invite friends

Players can also earn free chicken medals by inviting their friends to the game. So to get the reward, you have to share the game link on social media, and if your 20 friends join the new state of Pubg through your link, you will get 19 chicken medals and also one free emote.

Here’s how to invite your friends to the game:
(I) Go to the event section and tap ‘invite friend event’.
(II) Tap the Invite Friend option.
(III) Now select the social media platform to share the link and press the post button.

3) Co-op missions and login for the season

pre-season login pubg new condition: get chicken medals

Another free way to earn more than 15 Chicken Medals in Pubg: New State is completing co-op missions and pre-section login tasks.

To get your rewards, go to the event section and complete the available goals. Also, claim the daily login price every day.

4) Complete more achievement points

In this game you will see achievements like Glory, Medal, Troi, Erangle, TDM and Genera. And each chapter contains some missions for the player, and by completing them you can earn achievement points.

So every time you collect achievement points, the game will send CM coins and other rewards.

By calculation, players can earn 100 Chicken Medals by gaining more than 5250 achievement points.

5) Survivor Pass

You can upgrade the new state survivor pass with 1500 NC, and it costs 3900 NC for the premium pass plus. So if you are a premium player, you will receive more medals as a reward for the survival pass.

But the player who didn’t buy the pass can only get a total of 4 medals by raising the rank in PUBG: New State. Therefore, if you have money to buy NC, upgrade your survival pass.

6) Improve your game

The player can raise the new state game level to 100. At each level, they can claim some rewards, including chicken medals. So try to improve the game by playing more matches.

7) Daily Roulette

Pubg new state Daily Roulette

Every 24 hours you get the chance to unlock up to 200 chicken medals from the daily roulette. But to get such an amount, you also need luck. So go to the event, tap daily roulette and tap spin to get the prize.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 7:56 pm

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